Recording Editorial History 6/19/18–late morning

I want to try to analyze various differing opinions about the same thing.  Since the last thing I read about was Angela Merkel trashing Trump over not believing in climate change, that seems like a good place to start.  So let’s call this:

My God is better than your God (i)

People who believe in climate change are, regardless of the grounding in logic and scientific fact, despite our ability to notice the drastic increase in the intensity of storms over the past few years ,(I live on the northeast coast, USA and we had FOUR back-to-back-to-back-to-back blizzards this past March.  In between numbers 3 and 4–which was the worst one–we had a day of that was bright, sunny and 75 degrees),  as hurricanes are more frequent and more powerful because the ocean is warmer and there are more high and low pressure systems combining every place in the world than in all recorded meteorological history, regardless of all of this to back them up they are still Chicken Littles shouting about the end of the world.

On the other side you have religious kooks, people who see the coming flood a la Noah and the rapture; as something that must be done to fulfill prophecy.  Perhaps they even want to help Armageddon along–help God achieve Its vengeance by causing as much pollution and smog and radioactive gases to seep out and cover the atmosphere and sink into the stratosphere until we have Saturn-like rings of filth swirling around our planet.

Or you have the standard greedy business types, the ones who will sell bottles of water for fifty dollars once everything starts drying up.  The cynical creeps who profit off human misery.

“God’s will,” they say.  “Everything is God’s will.”  And these opinions are expressed harshly, scolding on both extreme ends of the issue like the earth is made up of small children who need to be told what to think.  Certainly President Trump, whom I still proclaim believes in absolutely nothing, is a defiant child in this case.  Remember when he looked at the eclipse without glasses just to prove that he could, that he was superman, that there is no threat from nature?  How many children went blind because they saw the President do that so why can’t they too?  I happen to know that it is more than zero.

Nature is cruel and mostly unpredictable, but it can be manipulated.  Why do you think there have been all those superhero/super villain fantasies about the power to control the weather?  If you can control the weather you can control the earth: what grows and where, what lives and what dies, where you can build a home and where you can’t, and the ability to wipe it all away whenever you feel like it.

The earth will shake us off like dead cockroaches once we are all piles of ash on a lonely scorched earth.  But the earth will survive, will thrive, and await the next phase of earthy evolution to form yet another era in the history of the planet.

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