Recording Editorial History 6/19/18–Later

I want to get more into the heart of my ambitions for this blog, so now we should talk a little about the left and their idiocies and flaws.  Now don’t get me wrong–I lean pretty far left in my personal politics, but that is neither here nor there.  I don’t really have enough faith in civilization to attach all that much to these murky priorities.

What does the right say about the left?  Well they demonize them, that is for sure.  They drag them down and pull them further and further into the center by calling out some so-called leaders and making them akin to Satan.  Today’s Democrats actually resemble the Republicans of fifty years ago.  I suspect that modern conservatives would hate the real Ronald Reagan today, not the demigod they have turned him into.  Reagan actually cared about people, cared about the rest of the world.  And this is a fatal flaw to today’s right-wing ideology.

The left certainly has their own problems.  Leadership is weak and their approach to government is servile equivocation.  Everything they might propose that gets passed is watered down until it is not only unrecognizable, but ultimately useless, something easy for a Republican majority to remove with very little consequence to America (and this is not including health insurance, which the right is utterly heartless about).

The left has also gotten increasingly shrill and censorious.  Unlike the past and in prophetic science-fiction tales when the right would burn books in order to impose their own version of truth on an increasingly ignorant society, the left has taken a similar, but opposite tact.  The left uses what was once blasphemy now as a protection of their feelings.  And I say fuck your feelings.  It is hard for me to listen to right-wing commentators promote their perverted versions of freedom of speech and finding myself more on their side than the pussies from which I thought once was my base, those pussies seeking to outlaw words, to change names and to tear down history that offends, thus removing from our minds the memories of past mistakes.

Of course the right is all caught up in their feelings too, as in “how dare you offend me because I am always right!”  There is far more certainty and arrogance on the right because they are much more confident.  And why shouldn’t they be?  They have drastically changed society in those fifty years since LBJ left the white house a broken man.  Everything has gone further and further to the right, which is, I suppose, how you can explain why the left is going so full circle that they are coming around the behavioral wheel of possibility until they resemble the false ‘left’ of Joseph Stalin, ultimately a fascism of such absolute imposition that they tear down the statues of saints and replace them with heroic visions of themselves, replacing God in the hearts and minds.

The left and the right–different visions of the same exact thing.  Is it any wonder we are so frustrated, so angry, so absolutely exhausted with the way things seem to have always been?  Perhaps a revolution is brewing, or the dawn of a new religion, something that will get the masses of people either behind it or violently against it, and leave what is left of humanity to sort out and organize the ensuing mess.  And they won’t be called left or right, republican or democrat, christian, muslim, hindu or jew.  They will be whatever has overtaken the world–I don’t know, a worship of the bee god or a return to the sun and the ocean.  And before too long there will be an angry counterpoint to the two sides of this and we will fall down the sliding sewer of rage once again. . .

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