Recording Editorial History 6/19/2018, early morning

I suppose it is impossible not to discuss the current immigration stand-off that is brewing these past couple of days.  Then again, I could avoid the topic altogether and focus on the World Cup or where LeBron might go or even an anticipation of Jurassic World 2.  But none of those things is really all that important.  They are things that I and, certainly, plenty of other people find interesting and are curious of the result.  But it has nothing to do with everyday human life and the struggles it takes to survive.

Oh sure, sure, I realize that that last line makes me come across as the whiniest sort of liberal crank, but I am far too detached to claim that mantle.  As time goes on I will take fire on numerous liberal traditions and viewpoints and come to compare them to fascists of the past in their efforts to oppress speech they find disagreeable.  But here, right now, is not the place for that.

The Trump administration is guilty of committing crimes against humanity in this crisis.  They are busy attempting to justify and deflect the blame to anyone other than themselves for the strong armed tactic of tearing children away from their parents, any loving mother or father’s worst nightmare.  And yes, yes, those border crossing immigrants are breaking the law in a sort of small scale way, but considering the great history of the United States of America this seems like a pointless disagreement.   The truth is that the President is having a little boy tantrum over the fact that his ridiculous wall will never be built.  “Oh yeah?” he seems to be saying, red-faced and holding his breath.  “Well I will destroy families, imprison children, send their parents to be raped in jail and, oh yeah, just because you are refugees running away from cartels and starvation and the aggressive pride of family, seeking a place to save your family’s life–fuck you.  You are cannon fodder.  I will use you because I do not care about you and I hope you all just fucking die, just fucking die, because all those hateful people who built me up despite my profound dishonesty and frank indifference on any of these issues, well, because you people want those people to die, right, and why not use that to my advantage?”

I truly believe that that string of words parallels the actual thoughts that go ricocheting through the President’s head for three seconds before moving on to another revision of reality.

And so we are sinking down down and further down into the hole of collapsing societies, of great powers in decline, and our influence is waning and we are burning ourselves out.  No wonder so many people have stopped standing for the national anthem and saluting the flag.  The things that made the one inspiring and the other a glorious sight to be proud of no longer exist.  Welcome to the post-American world–

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