Recording Editorial History 6/21/2018–afternoon

My God is better than your God (iii):

Have you noticed something odd in the responses to and replies against almost everything anyone says?  There is a growing trend, a terrifying absorption of the fundamentals of language for what passes in this text re-arraigned, twitter confused, repetitious, post-literate sort of dialogue.  I mean, read the responses to anything anyone says and you will drink the sour flavor of the modern world.

One thing you notice is that people are increasingly repeating the catch phrases and statements of other people–of politicians, celebrities or anyone else with a public platform, regardless of political or social persuasion, and they say it over and over as though these ideas came organically from their brains.

But they aren’t.  People arguing pro-Trump say the exact same things that he does in defense of their ideas.  Take the immigration crisis: supporters of Trump say, “It was the Democrat’s policy!  How can you–” while anti-Trump crusaders whine and complain about ‘the children’–something definitely worthy of consideration, but being used every bit as much as a tool to reach an end goal; or they simply say that they are offended, as though that were in any way relevant.

“If they didn’t break the law–” and “What’s next?  Letting murderers go because they shouldn’t be taken away from their children?”  This last one is a paraphrase of Ann Coulter and is an absolutely ridiculous false equivalency.  A family fleeing cartels and a psychopath murdering people for fun are not the same thing.  A woman with a baby crawling under a fence away from an abusive husband is nothing like a gang member going on a rape spree.  So much of this mantra-like language, repeating a cliche over and over until you force it into truth, is yet another fracture in our abbreviated society.

On they left they have frankly even more puerile cliches.  You have that smugness of the TV pundits, just as smug as the goateed right wing pricks who laugh at every disagreement, shout over the opposition’s statement like at a sporting event trying to prove themselves the victor.  All they do is shake their heads while the other person is speaking, not even listening, repeating in their mind the point they wish to make until they can no longer contain it and it pours out of them frantically before the other speaker is done.

The initial speaker, of course, really isn’t any different.  They shout and shake their heads, they laugh at what they consider stupidity and don’t bother to listen to the more serious conjecture of their opposition.  Television political discourse has become two people on different sides of an issue shouting at each other and a host in the center trying to stoke the flames.  And it is no different on-line or in the press or in person or anywhere.  We no longer listen.  We no longer care.  Quit crying about children until you do something constructive.  Quit shouting about what the law is when you do not believe in the law, but only a selective interpretation.

It looks like a terminal collapse. . .

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