Recording Editorial History 6-24-2018–early morning

Let us take time off from the more serious work and discuss something fanciful, something that’s laughable, something to bring you joy . . . Can’t think of anything?  Does your family disappoint you?  Have your dreams crashed and burned?  Are you bitter?  Do you hate your neighbors?  Do you think the world is just fucked, just thrown away, just time to go, to move on, to await the next phase of earthy evolution when the ants and bees rise up and grow and their already innate intelligence expands and they are smarter than us, and they conquer us, and they eat us and shit us out and use that mush to irrigate the planet and create an organized paradise in a hive-structured society?  Let us look forward to our insect masters until they drive us into extinction.  There are over seven billion people on earth.  Know how many insects?  Nobody does.  But the estimate is seventy trillion.  There’s your apocalypse.  Run with it–

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