Recording Editorial History 6/25/2018–Early Evening

Remember when it was the far left who were the conspiracy theorists?  It wasn’t even that long ago.  They thought 9/11 was an inside job, argued that Ronald Reagan had government scientists invent AIDS in order to kill homosexuals, that the CIA invented crack to kill all black people.  They believed in weird brainwave controls and the government covering up UFOs (which, by the way, is an ‘Unidentified Flying Object,’ not necessary a space craft with a gray creature behind the controls).  The left had all sorts of pet theories, most of them lunacy, some of them hinging on the truth only without all the facts to back it up.  Some people made valid speculations–hell, some of them were probably even right!  The problem is, for example, if the actual truth about the JFK assassination were to come out, it would be written off by many (possibly even most) as just another theory.

Today it is the far right who are the conspiracy theorists, and plenty of their ideas are every bit as loony: Hilary Clinton was sending children to the middle east as sex slaves; Obama had a deal with human traffickers to sell more children into slavery; birtherism; the perverted sex scandals of Bill Clinton that he was not actually guilty of.  LBJ killed JFK (thank you Roger Stone!), FDR was a communist–Eisenhower was a communist to the John Birchers of the 1950s!  All of these chaotic theories used by paranoid people to justify their prejudices.

We are sinking into the mire of unreality, where everything has a mystical, subterranean nature and there is something evil plotting behind the scenes to control everything: Freemasons, the Illuminati . . . the Elders of Zion.  Anyone–liberals, left-wing media, the lying news, Canada, Mexico, all our friends and neighbors who, they somehow believe, have been taking advantage of us and that somehow they are to blame for every mistake we have ever made.  The enemy and must be destroyed!

Left wing conspiracy theorists were usually ignored as harmless kooks.  As for the right wing conspiracy theorists, under Trump, who for years has expressed this paranoid, delusional mindset, the fringe lunatics have gone mainstream and inserted insanity into our public discourse.  Do not forgive the left for setting up this practice and shrieking about it until conspiracy became a profitable industry, but today these conspiracies are taken as seriously as the middle-eastern theories about America–The Great Satan and the coming of an anti-Christ to have a reckoning with the world.

Who knows?  Maybe everything is true after all . . .

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