Recording Editorial History 6/28/2018–a brief note on deflection

No one can answer a question any longer in a political debate, neither politicians, pundits nor individual citizens defending the indefensible acts of their political idols.  I realize that some form of ‘politics’ was used three times in that opening sentence, but this is also representative of the evasive mush people seem to shove into their opinions in order to stand for absolutely nothing.

When trying to defend one of these questionable policies, we revert to ‘what about,’ shirking blame under the guise of ‘if they did it, why can’t we?’  Which ultimately means that corruption, dishonesty, cheating and outright lying about sensitive issues has gone mainstream.  We are all liars anymore and the worst part is that we know we are lying.  But winning an argument seems to trump actually being right.

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