Recording Editorial History 6/30/2018–morning

I cannot help myself.  This one must be written.  And please do not take this as some small-minded partisan hack job.  This is a PERSONAL ATTACK (Editorial History).  And unlike the folks on other social media sites who jump to curious conclusions about a writer based upon three or four words in a half read commentary, I feel I should clarify:  I am not a Democrat, not a liberal, not a conservative, not religious, not atheistic, not a supporter of Hillary Clinton, I think Obama was a mediocre president at his best, I think Bill Clinton, for all his charm, was successful more as a result of ideal timing for his presidency than anything he actually did.  George W. Bush was a personally decent guy who was overwhelmed by circumstances and panicked into a radical stance because he did not know how to respond to 9/11.  I think the Democrats are clowns.  I think the Republicans are Icarus-like fools challenging the sun and so full of themselves they won’t know how to respond when tides shift politically, as they have always done and will continue to do.  I just want to get this out of the way: While there are certainly things that I support, there really aren’t too many.  I believe humanity has fucked itself.  It is all of our fault.


“How Stupid is Donald Trump?”

     I mean this as a serious question.  Oh, one could tout his obvious cunning, his strategic brilliance as though he were playing a game of Risk–divide and conquer, divide and conquer, divide and conquer–here Sun Tzu endlessly yowling through Trump’s head alongside some misunderstood idealization of Ayn Rand’s The Virtue of Selfishness (although, this quote from that text confuses the matter: “Men who reject the responsibility of thought and reason can only exist as parasites on the thinking of others.”)

     Cunning is evident in low, predatory creatures to a far greater extent than in actual thoughtful human beings.  And so I want to make the case for Donald Trump as a lower on the evolutionary chain: an apeman.  He is a violent snob with a crazed superiority complex, someone given all of the advantages anyone could ever possibly ask for (and an admittedly good-looking man when he was younger) who somehow believes that he earned it.  Through getting away with crimes, cheating on his wives with no real consequence, abandoning his children only to have them grovelling back to beg daddy for more; lying, stealing, ruining people’s lives and getting away with everything.  This sort of background does not create a deep thinker or, frankly, someone who knows anything about the struggles of day-to-day existence.  He is more like a narcissistic prince whom the king has no respect for, and so he is pampered and required to do absolutely nothing.  He is a failure as a human being–yes a failure, despite all the success he has accrued beyond his control.  But he has only accomplished, really, making a name for himself as a bitter, spoiled brat.

     Now, let’s talk about his ignorance, the sheer obliviousness of his character.  While some may claim that his war with truth is another strategic maneuver, I am not so sure. He can say one thing one day, another thing another day and then deny that he ever said both on the third day.  When he is confronted with contrary recorded evidence he sinks into a mantra like “Fake News” and “Witch Hunt!”–emotional reactions to a feeling of persecution over things he is accused of that he is actually guilty of.  But he disregards the truth, does not care about the truth.  I don’t think he even knows what truth is, having spent his whole life lying about everything and coming to believe his own lies.  He might justify this as a business practice–exaggeration and misdirection–but that does not work in all aspects of life.  No, I think he has gotten lost.  I think he believes he has no choice but to believe whatever contradictory nonsense bubbles out of his mouth, surrounded by outraged confusion and flying white-foamed spittle.  He can never think that he’s wrong.  Because if he’s wrong . . . if he’s actually wrong . . . what does that mean?  Does the world mean anything?  Does it even exist?

     Donald Trump is a solipsist, that is, one who believes that they are as a fact, the center of the universe and that everything else is merely a projection of his mind.  It is a type of God-complex.  If you leave the room, to one consumed with solipsism, you no longer exist until he wills you back into his world.  This is a mental condition, a form of insanity and he is very much someone on this spectrum.  Even his most ardent supporters should give pause before denying this, because it is difficult to doubt with objective observation.

But Trump ignores history, learns nothing and places himself as some sort of wayward messiah who will lead people back into a dense, long-since-irrelevant promised land, a place that could no longer exist.  But he believes that somehow he can change the culture back, like an Islamic fundamentalist, to force way-back-when into the now.  If the fundamentalist Muslims are still fighting the crusades, what war is Trump fighting?  The Civil War, which he clearly knows nothing about.  But more so, its seems that the era of the civil rights movement is what offends him the most.  That was the time when oppressed people had finally had enough, when social revolutions of every group not given fair treatment, whether racially, gender-wise, religious or sexually, decided to rebel.  It was also an era of a real ‘witch hunt,’ checking underneath your bed for  some red-fanged communist seeking to spill their poison into your veins.  Trump’s idol Roy Cohn was a serious mover in those days–a closet homosexual who hated himself for this and who was vicious enough to successfully invent accusations against innocent people to destroy their lives.  And this is how we get back to that ‘cunning.’  This is not knowledge or understanding, but simple fear-mongering.  Do you know why it is called a ‘witch hunt?’  Because all you need to do is point and shout “Witch!” and someone is deemed unclean.  This is the character of the monster we have elected president.

His actual stupidity has no boundaries.  Seriously, he seems to to know absolutely nothing.  If the truth can change so wildly from moment to moment, it means, ultimately, that you are easily led, easily convinced of things that might or might not be real, and that with your ever interrupted perception of life, you will never really stand for anything or believe in anything.  Remember that Ayn Rand quote, that philosopher of today’s far right: “Men who reject the responsibility of thought and reason can only exist as parasites on the thinking of others.”  He does not care so long as it doesn’t immediately impact him.  He doesn’t care about school shootings, social unrest, sexual misconduct and random, senseless violence.  He resents paying lip service to a sympathy he does not possess.

Donald Trump is a hollow shell and no matter how much people try to fill him, it will always drain out into a puddle of liquid shit, of diarrhea, exploding right out of his mouth and splattering civility and righteousness with his stink.  Yes, he is stupid.  But he is stupid in a way that has grave consequences for everyone, apparently, but himself.

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