Recording Editorial History 7/3/2018–morning

I wonder: have you ever questioned why gigantic, multi-billion dollar corporations have tried to turn the mass conglomerate that they are into a citizen?  You know, one with the vote?  They have been attempting this for many years and it looks like it’s about to become publicly true, instead of the antics of back door dark money laundering.

If a corporation is allowed to vote, they are also allowed to donate to campaigns.  And since a corporation is made up of the board of directors, each member would get to donate the maximum allowed with the corporate profits, enhanced by each individual donating out of their personal bank accounts.  You know, rich guys who want a say in the government.  And what does this create?  No, it is not a theocracy.  In a sense, I suppose, it is an oligarchy.  But what it finally becomes is an instrument of fascism.

Fascism has sunk into the historical slime of Hitler and Nazis and death-camps and mini-apocalypse.  But fascism existed well before a failed painter and brave world war one corporal began raging against the world in earnest.  Fascism, as it began, under horrible people like Mussolini and Franco of Spain, honestly under Joseph Stalin, shrouded by the bugbear of Communism to cover up his true intentions, fascism in those days really was a corporate control of everything.  The state, the nation, was the corporation, building and developing and providing everything for the people.

Of course the fascist corporation could not keep up with demands if they intended to make maximum profits, so it becomes necessary to scapegoat groups of people as ‘enemies of the state.’  With the removal of those trouble-makers, all you have left is a society run on greed and fear.  This is what fascism is.  Does it sound familiar?

So the next time someone says to this claim: “Trump is a Fascist,” and they say “Another snowflake calling all conservatives racist,” (which is a curious response that speaks more of nervous self-doubt than anything real.  In what way does it say this even if the person does not understood the term ‘fascism’?)–remember what Fascism truly is.  It is a monster.  It is a corporation.  It cares about absolutely nothing because this declared citizen is a machine.  Robotpocalypse?

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