Recording Editorial History 7/6/2018–high noon

Let’s attack the left.  So far I have been mostly liberal in my assertions and that will not change, mostly.  But there are plenty of bones to pick with liberals and it is time to knock them down a little.  And since I deal with extremes I do not mean this against moderately minded civil libertarians, but as an attack on those limp-wristed pantywaists whose main conflict is with conflict.

So some people believe that feelings are the most important part of the human character.  Of course this is ridiculous.  If we look to America’s bible, the Constitution, with its ten commandments/bill of rights, the very first statement is:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    There is nothing therein about protecting someone’s precious feelings.  In fact, it sounds to me like it protects your right to be an asshole.  Personal morality should be the ultimate arbiter of how far the individual is willing to go and, like it says about freedom of religion, one cannot impose their ideas of decency on another.

     But liberals today on the fringes–and like the right the fringes are going mainstream–they are not in favor of freedom of speech or, for that matter, freedom of anything.  If there is something they disagree with or find personally offensive, they not only refuse to listen, but shout shout shout that person down.  “We don’t want you here!” college students shriek.  Or they chant, “Fuck you!  Fucking racist!  Fucking misogynist!  Scumbag! You should just fucking die!”  They say this because they are so tired of being categorized and called nasty names.

     But there is also an evangelical revulsion among these left wing, mostly college students.  And yes, yes, college kids are always in some way or another radicalized, usually more as a response to some perceived unfairness than anything resembling true belief (which is why college radicals so often graduate into conservative family men and women).  They are a malleable group of people looking for leadership, looking for someone to tell them what to think, like a great cult leader or prophet.  They need guidance (which is why they are in college in the first place) and will greedily latch on to whatever offers them the idea of the most personal freedom, based upon the beliefs they are rejecting from childhood.

One thing you can say in favor of the right over the left is that it is rarely based upon social rejection.  Of course most of the right-wing pricks on college campuses resemble the dirty left-wing stoners in many ways.  They also have their uniform:  Shirt, tie (usually red, or whatever color they have been told represents ‘power’), and rarely a sports jacket.  They are often overweight, sweaty, frequently unpopular and regularly try to speak up over the simpering left to contradict them.  And so they, too, are living a life of contrary and rejected belief.  But as for the rest?  They consistently believe what they do and say.  The left seems ever-changing in their morality.

Oh, the left, the left, how intolerable they are!  They come across more as preachers than even the demagogues on the other side.  They demand!  They demand their version of the truth to triumph over the vicious lies they perceive coming from anyone else.  And, of course, there are vicious lies on the right, but they are also swirling with madness on the left and everywhere in between in this cynical age we live in.  It is a war zone.  They call it a ‘culture war’ for a reason.  But America was founded on the ability to disagree.  John Adams, for one, said that Democracy was a suicidal idea, and that such raging disagreements would eventually tear the whole thing down.

But now we are consumed by anger.  We are snooty and tell other people they are wrong–morally and intellectually wrong–and we do not bother listening to justifications of belief.

As I have discussed endlessly in every single post I have made on this site (other than those brief, uncomfortably autobiographical commentaries) there is such a thing as ‘the truth.’  There is reality and most people reject this notion.  They allow their ideas and opinions on what could make the world a better place to interfere with their understanding of how the world actually is.  These are quixotic notions, all of them, even those insane and apocalyptic.  It is all about perceptions of right and wrong, good versus evil, something from ancient times and forgotten biblical texts that still informs the group ideology of all of mankind.  Agree or reject.  Pro or con.  Primitive versus modern.  And we have trapped ourselves.  The liberals have made things worse instead of their intention to make things better.  And of course the same can be said for the right.  We have not truly evolved as a species, at least in our goals, since early man.  We still want freedom, however we define that individually, and we all want to world to bend to our will.

And so we have proven to be failures at survival, despite the fact that we continue to go on.  The left, in this case (or at least in this essay) is responsible even more than the right for the current censorious ideas of fascism that have permeated our culture.  “You can’t say that!  You’ll hurt my feelings!”

Fuck your feelings.  Fuck all of you . . .

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