Recording Editorial History 7/12/2018–early afternoon

Biased media.  We hear this over and over again and there is a good reason why.  Everything he hear about or see reported first goes through the sewer of public opinion, be it left or right or anywhere in between.  And everything we learn is muddled and perplexed by the propagandistic intentions of whomever is spitting these versions of truth out.

And so we get ‘tribal,’ as the news like to report, talking heads dividing us into separate and smaller groups, into tribes, and we accept this.  Some of us even think this is as it should be.

But think back to America before the Spanish came, before England slaughtered most of the natives and enslaved the rest.  Tribal warfare.  This creates a stagnant society, one so consumed with national or ethnic or racial hatreds that they can no longer ignore their rage and help to build a better society and a better nation for all.  We are returning to the country America was before it was even called America.  Perhaps it’s the land itself, a haunted place that has seen far too much bloodshed.

Now the press does not help.  I call this whole site Recording Editorial History because that is all any chronicled history is, the swirling opinions of generations disagreeing with their parents.  Oh sure, we can take facts and twists and manipulate them to justify our ends.  We can quote speeches of great men and women and rip them out of context to justify whatever we want then to mean.  We do this with the bible, with the koran, with the constitution, with the first and second and third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth amendments, like we do with the ten commandments and all the other twisty rules and laws that have followed and been altered throughout the slobbering wreck of time.

But while we condemn the press, crow about how it is unfair and biased and reports only the news that fulfills a political agenda (and they do), we still use it to get all of our information.  In this internet age, we can approach world affairs with increasingly fringe and radical viewpoints, thousands of them, shattering the idea of unity into a post-apocalyptic cave dwelling where we stare out at the dying sun with our shotguns, praying that there is no one else left alive.

This is merely an observation, and not so much a warning.  What would be the point in warning people of anything?  It is just my opinion–my bias, and it is easily dismissed by opposing viewpoints.  Besides, we are past the stage of ‘be careful what you wish for.’  All of our wishes have come true. . . .

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