Recording Editorial History 7/27/2018–morning

I will be taking a break from this, (what is it, on-line notebook?  Diary?  Just a blog of venting?) for the next around two weeks to focus on some more urgent (to me, anyway) projects.  I will return sometime in the middle of August, then write the last section of “Lies and Their Impact on Civilization Through the Ages,” or whatever academically pompous title I can slap on that twenty-or-so page historical narrative.  I am sure by then there will be plenty more worthwhile political and social events to mock and tear about, on the left, on the right, within Trump and the sniveling Democrats attempting to usurp him.  All of this is more like target practice and one can still hit the bull’s eye with a blindfold on.

The reason I am even bothering to say this is more a declaration to myself, a statement that life is not just about bitching and moaning and laughing at the stupidity of others.  There are even joyous things, worthwhile things, important things in life.  There are weddings, the birth of children, professional success (and failure), divorce, death and then the devolution into those same bitter thoughts that began this laundry list of life’s experiences.  There are family vacations and illegal activities and other exciting things we can wrap ourselves up with.

And so, for many of those reasons (both good and bad) it is time off.  The project I am undertaking will require most of my energy and the fact of also having a family as the summer is ending, well, other things are important too–

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