Recording Editorial History 8/16/2018–right after noon.

And it goes on and on and on, this same childish game of Trump-era politics.  Now this is not only an attack on the President’s style of governing (that is apparent by just about everything I have written on contemporary politics), but on the base culture that has blossomed with his ascension to the throne.

Of course public discourse has been a blood sport since America began–King George the fourth, Adams versus Jefferson, arrogant Aaron Burr killing the insufferable Alexander Hamilton.  And things have hardly gotten any better since those days.

Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, William McKinley, JFK . . . these are four presidents out of forty-five murdered in office, not to mention the suspicion of others (I am thinking of Zachary Taylor specifically.)  And this does not include all those who have been plotted against (Andrew Jackson, William Howard Taft, Herbert Hoover, FDR, Truman, Nixon, Ford–twice in three weeks!, Carter, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, Obama), or those who have survived a shooting (Teddy Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan).  Just look at those numbers.  Being President of the United States is the worst job in the world!

All leaders do these days, instead of exude patriotism, is blind themselves with small scale adulation or sink into the hell of their vicious critics.  Some of these men have played it with far more dignity than others, with Lincoln, FDR, JFK, Reagan, Bush II and Obama as fine examples of personal dignity (regardless of what you may think of these President’s politics).  Others–James Madison, Andrew Jackson, fucking Franklin Pierce and James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, Warren G. Harding, Nixon, Bill Clinton and Trump have not had the stomach for the criticism and turned themselves into savages defending their honor, no different, really, than Hamilton and Burr or Andrew Jackson killing the husband of his future wife.

So what does this say about us, this lack of evolution, this sinking quicksand devouring the world?  Has humanity reached its peak and now is beginning to suffer from its decline?

I talk about politics and presidents and congress and the judges and all that other corruptible bullshit that has seen more than two hundred years of skillful manipulators undermining the blank merits of the Constitution, but what I am really saying is that the whole of society has fucked itself with the poisons of selfishness and ugly greed.  We don’t really care much anymore, despite the fake outrage and irrational anger over apparently every single issue (when I was in college there was a protest at one of the cafeterias over the fact that there was only a single flavor of vegan ice cream.  Rocks were thrown at windows.)

It is a tabloid culture.  America is a National Inquirer headline.  We are not yet the Weekly World News, but how far away can we possibly be?  I see the Trump divorce consuming the headlines close to 2020.  It may even be engineered as a distraction to the conclusions that the president is likely guilty of something.  It will be played in the press the same way everything is played in the press any longer–personal attacks, vendettas, exaggerations and conflicting explanations.  Nothing will really be true.  Supporters will sympathize with Trump, liberals will try to turn Melania onto their crusade, which will fail, the poor woman finally escaping from the public eye.  What this will really do is undermine the numerous gains that women will make in the 2018 election.  Misogyny will make a strong public comeback, just the way racism has.  It will further divide and distract the nation and linger on the precipice of a lazy, unenthusiastic civil war.

Everything is tabloid.  Even very serious people are overwhelmed by scandals.  This is who we are.  This is what we have made ourselves.  I have said this numerous times before: Donald Trump is merely the virus we have imposed upon ourselves.  We have been the bleeding heart of symptoms.  We get what we deserve.  Is their any better reflection of the soulless present than Donald J. Trump?  He is us.  We are bullies online, cannot take criticism and believe ourselves to be far more important than we actually are and always, always right.  We are drowning in a shouting match over things that should not matter.

I understand that this is just an opinion (Recording Editorial History), and there are certainly plenty of counter-arguments to put me in my place.  My outlook is far too bleak for many people to accept.  But it seems like truth to me.  I try to look at the world outside of myself, a hovering observer without any stake in the game.  And this is what I see.  I see delusion, lies and ethical failures.  And this is not just America (I fucking LOVE America, at least in theory), but every single backwards and small-minded place across the globe.  This is the world of our making.  Someday . . . someday all of this misguided rage will explode . . .

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