Recording Editorial History 9/27/2018 morning (on attempted rape and public perception):

I want you to look in her eyes at the hearing on Thursday, September 27, 2018.  Come on, it will be replayed forever, for as long as Trump is in office, on every channel, still photos of every picture selected based upon bias.  Go.  Look as Dr. Ford’s eyes.  I’ll wait . . .


I want you to look deep down into this nervous, damaged soul.  I have no doubt she has been through a some sort of sexual assault at sometime in her past; her state of terror is so sincere and profound.  She keeps glancing around, looking for a friendly face.  She finds a lot of them.


Otherwise this is just another manifest hearing of bullshit, trying to salve the public with at the very least a show trial, before moving on (!) along the same path we have been trudging down for all of my life, and no doubt for years before my birth.  There is this condescending arrogance of politeness from the chairman of the committee.  He is a dignified old man.  He has very little left to look forward to, other than his cherished memories.  He doesn’t like all of this shouting and bickering and why can’t people just shut up and speak their minds before letting me respond?  Five minutes.  I am a stickler for rules.


Maybe Dr. Ford should have told them about the lifetime of therapy her terrifying experience–whatever it was–has imposed upon her (reparations?), plus the added indignity of some drunken asshole standing around and watching, laughing at this violent assault.  Perhaps the friend was not as vile as the attacker.  Eventually he may have even tried to stop him.  But Bret was a spoiled brat–a boy for whom everything was given, and he certainly knew how to take, which he has done all his life.


Think back to your own high school days and remember the people of his station.  Remember their general attitudes of privilege and superiority.  He was a jock, a big guy, always working out.  He was probably a stud, much in demand,  He was good-looking.  He was popular.  He was at the top of his class.  His goal was success in life.  How do you expect him to react when someone he drunkenly wanted says no?  No one says no to him.  He gets everything he wants, even a Supreme Court decision some of the haters don’t want him to have.  He is still in high school to this day.  Bret Kavanaugh is a child.


His response to Ford saying ‘no’ to him, was really more of a tantrum than a brutal attempted rape, exaggerated by his sloppy drunkenness.  No doubt he held her down.  He laughed at her.  He showed her how much stronger he was than she was and possibly made her feel his erection.  Kavanaugh did not care.  She wasn’t relevant, was just another thing to use for his amusement.


Maybe he even spit in her face.  Or licked it.  Maybe he stuck his tongue all the way down her throat until she started choking.  The hormonal teenager wanted what he wanted and he wanted it now!  His friend could finally restrain him as he suffered from a moment of doubt, a certain clarity invading his head when he stopped laughing and looked into her eyes . . .


Look into her eyes.   You know the truth–

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