Recording Editorial History 10/7/2018–between football games

I want to offer a brief note about drinking and drug use. This is, of course, an interruption to the far more serious topics I attempt to undertake in what has become a political ranting website, but right now I wish to argue that this is every bit as much an important subject as anything larger in the world. These easy escapes from reality are necessary if we want to somehow continue to function as civilization.

Let me explain. . . . I’m pretty drunk right now, as I write this, sitting around like when I was in my twenties, before marriage, before children, and drinking away with a couple of friends screaming at the television. Now I should add that I am not a huge football fan–I do not really have a preference except in the moment and I root on whomever I picked at the start of the day (sometimes for money). But football–all sports (Baseball play-offs, NBA kick-off . . . Hockey, which I do not care about at all), these are distractions from the larger world chaos that devours everything we stand for, and an interesting thematic parallel. All the petty political pressures, all the hateful venom splattered on one another by the wannabe scorpions that dry up after one sting, this is what we sometimes try to escape into freedom.

I am a politically active person. I pay very close attention to politics because it is my second favorite sport (a blood sport!), behind boxing. But today, ignoring all the horror in the day after a partisan slant to the US Supreme Court (who doubts that another anti-abortion justice would have at least been a better example of human justice?), I just wanted to get drunk and watch football.

Drinking, drugs, have their value in this increasingly hostile world. Sometimes you need to be fucked up to handle anything outside your control.


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