Recording Editorial History 10/8/2018–morning

We all know that our world is steeped in conspiracy.  Even if we strip away the ideas themselves, or denounce the irrational and even rational fabrications as well as the crazy or believable truth, we are only left wondering what is real.  This is our era.  This is what Generation X, who is now in charge of the world, holds bases their fractured ideologies upon.  This is even the new religion, worshiping another fairy tale, only secular this time, so as not to offend someone.


This issue is far larger than whichever sparse hidden truths are chortled about in the shadowy hallways of power, behind those locked doors.  Even the hideous things that people have actually done pales as a threat when compared to what has happened to public discourse and the human ability to trust each other.  No one trusts anything (usually for very good reasons).  Most of the time we can hardly even trust ourselves (check the financial windfalls to the psychiatric industry since the 1980s, when Generation X were still being silenced and ignored).


Now we live in a world where anything is possible, or at least so we believe.  I’ll tell you something that I heard, just last night.  I read about this and saw hundreds of people angrily debating this on various social media networks.  And the fact is that it sounds possibly true to me.  I will quote this:


“Sources close to the White House claim that the third claim against Judge Brett Kavanaugh . . . the one declaring that he was party to gang rapes and other violent atrocities, was actually made by members of the Trump Administration. . . . It has been alleged, in fact, that top adviser Stephen Miller hired . . . Julie Swetnick  . . . to make false claims . . . as well as hiring Stormy Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti . . . in an effort to undermine both the other two allegations against Kavanaugh, as well as to destroy the growing influence of Avenatti.


These sources wish to remain anonymous, but each one of them have positions within the Trump cabinet, including the State Department, the Defense Department and the Department of Education. . . . But now the question has been raised: How far will Donald Trump and his handlers go to destroy America’s perception of truth?”


It was a chilling article and was written by a journalist whom I happen to have a great deal of faith in.  And I am hardly a conspiracy theorist.  It just sounds . . . I don’t know, in this age of political blood-sport it just seems like the sort of thing that probably does happen.  And just as Democrats promote lies gleefully to harm their opposition, also undermining the truth, the Republicans have been doing this very vocally since the Clinton Administration (really since Woodrow Wilson)  We have no idea, any longer, what is true.  And belief–belief!–this is the precursor of reality.  Welcome to the Age of Trump.

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