What Has Become of Racism? 11/2/2018

Racism isn’t what it used to be.  Not very long ago, being a racist was a public thing, something you could celebrate with your friends and drive around bleating in a parade.  People could go out and glare and laugh at the unfamiliar ‘others,’ and demand that they move, or bow, or simply get the fuck out of your way.  This was common.  It was nearly accepted.  People used all kinds of condescending words to diminish those believed to be less than human, and this does not consider the harsher, nastier and even more malicious slurs.  But those days have come and gone ,and we are now living in a time where whatever is left over is buried underground, rotting of shame, or slowly dying as the last few souls alive who have experienced open hatred finally disappear.


In many ways race hatred is far more brutal today.  Yes, there are not many roving gangs left, those who skulk around, hooded in the darkness, kidnapping families and hanging or burning them.  All of that has become a computer program, appealing to lost souls searching for an outlet to express their terminal frustration.  On-line you can find yourself a home with people urging you on and telling you that it is okay to hate.


But the social climate is very different from what it once was.  No longer can people get away with calling people names, or denying a person their livelihood because you don’t care for the color of their skin, or the way they smell, or their religion or gender or affinity for cats over dogs.  You can no longer ignore the idea of equal rights and this causes some people to broil with resentment.  They vaguely remember a different world that they may have read about in school, or heard in stories from their grandparents.  They feel betrayed that they never had a chance to live in such a world.


They start blaming the victims, shouting about how they have already given everything away and what more do these people really want?  I can’t take their jobs, can’t kill them.  I cannot even scare them because the younger generation are learning not to be scared.  They are tough.  Some of them are smart.  And this is no longer the era of Martin Luther King.  Today these people will fight.  They can be very violent.  The world has accepted them.  And all this has been taken from me, this privilege, this idea of white power, and what else is left for me in this corrupted and diversified world?


But fear not, racists, because a new day is dawning and expressions of hatred have been transformed into metaphors of collective contempt for certain ways of life.  A white racist now has the option of smirking and keeping his real views inside.  This is what political correctness has done as a counterpoint.  Everyone is scared of offending other people.  And this allows resentment to simmer and angry thoughts to boil and there is no outlet for this rage because these days that would be called a hate crime.  And while liberals eat one another alive over the pronunciation of the new words they use to define themselves, the creaking old racist can only stand there, gape-mouthed, and watch.  They avoid the other people.  They have very few friends and are quiet and sullen and just looking for someone to love.  And they have a need to blame.  So they blame.  They call the liberals Nazis and the fascists their brothers.  They confuse the nature of social interactions, transform each other into each other and whine and cry and beg and demand like the spoiled children they were raised to be.  And the racism of a brat is not the racism that is discussed in history books.  We just watch it play out subtly and declare itself something other than what it truly is.


Some racists have gotten very smart.  They have turned their bias into a corporation, where behind the closed doors they can express their hatred, while their industry sells destructive products to the very people who are the targets of their rage.  They profit from their bias while silently trying to kill their customers with all sorts of industrial poisons.  Sweets and chips and candy are the white man’s new hanging tree.  Menthol cigarettes and acidic sodas are the noose.  There is a great deal of science that has gone into how type-2 diabetes develops and, considering human history, every new idea will eventually be weaponized.   I am a type-1 diabetic (that is the permanent diabetes you get as a child, as opposed to type-2, adult onset diabetes, that is often caused by aging or general body breakdown).   To my eyes the future of this affliction looks very grim.


Diabetes will never be cured.   The medical supplies are far too profitable.  Why cure a disease that can be delicately handled by putting severe limitations on your life if there is so much money to be made?  And with type-2, with the processed and incredibly unhealthy slop that is sold in just about every food market, it is very easy to get a person hooked on sugar and carbohydrates.  And the fatter they get, the sicker they get, and eventually something in the body is going to break down.  If it isn’t the heart or the liver or kidneys, it will probably be the pancreas, leading the sufferer into painful finger stabbings and numerous daily injections.


Yes, I have called diabetes a plot of racists to kill the African-American community, but that is too simple an excuse.  These people do not care about any of us.  Racists today are a far more vindictive species than the redneck of old who would chase after, and sometimes run down, terrified people with their pick-up truck, shouting ‘Yee-haw!’ all the way to the county line.  No, the racists of today aren’t even really racists.  They hate everyone.


It is almost unfair to call President Trump a racist–a product of those waning ‘good old days’ that never were.  Because Donald Trump has no respect for anyone.  Just because he may target a specific set of people does not mean that it has anything to do with racial hatred.  He sees them as easy targets, as a group of people it is easy to lie about and fabricate crimes because there are so many left over resentful people yearning for the freedom to not be punished for attacking someone.  This corporate targeting of, say, African-Americans or Guatemalans, is a business proposal, and the voters are the board of directors.  If you can sell the confused consumers enough animus, then you can win the election and figure out a way to keep expanding the company.  That is what Donald Trump cares about.  He does not hate us.  He simply does not think about us.  Any of us.


So racism really isn’t racism anymore, in this cynical age where either everything or nothing matters.  People are hypersensitive to criticism or they do not care about anything.  There is no room for racial hatred in this world, even though it still exists in a modern guise of envy and resentment.  This is something new.  Once racism was all about keeping people out.  Today it is about worming your way back in, to re-take the unrecognizable future.


And so racial hatred, except with the mindless and the uneducated (remember when President Trump gushed over how much he loved uneducated people?), has transformed into something very new.  It is a combination of racism, selfishness and greed, with pride and self-loathing mixed in.  It is the scapegoating of everyone.  It is the hatred of everyone.  It is a bleak philosophy that is rapidly overtaking the world, the post-apocalyptic cry of every person for themselves.

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