Briefly:  As we approach Thanksgiving and the days that follow I will acknowledge my personal hypocrisy considering the earlier piece, “A Celebration of Greed,” and have decided to take a few days off to spend time with my family.  I perfectly understand that this will include missed opportunities for the moment to moment shifts of society, and the bevy of horror stories that will no doubt make their way towards me.  But right now I feel it important to note that I have never held myself above the sometimes scathing attacks I make on just about everything.  One is often at their best when including themselves in their very broad scorn.  Remember–and be thankful for–that no one is really better than another.  We might be better at certain things, applaud ourselves for talent at different skills, but nothing can make us more valuable than another.  We are living creatures, less able to survive, really, then some suckling tube worm twenty miles down inside the earth’s shifting, broiling crust.


Oh, and one other thing.  Yesterday (11/20/2018) I was temporarily suspended from Twitter (which is my chief marketing platform for this site) because of an unfortunate remark I made in response to the imbecilic Fox News conspiracy theorist Lou Dobbs.  Both of us should actually have had our accounts temporarily limited, or not at all, but that does not appear to be the case.  Anyway, I began writing a piece very close to my heart called “Donald J. Trump is Nothing More Than an Arms Dealer” yesterday, where I expose what I have heard numerous people say they believe are the President of the United States’ true motives in office.  Unfortunately I doubt that this inclination will change over the next week of my short vacation.  I will return Wednesday morning 11/28/2018, with that very piece.  Please, if interested, check out some of my earlier commentaries.  I am particularly proud of the Presidential History narratives, additional ones which will not appear on this site because I have decided to include them in a book.


Happy Thanksgiving and buy yourselves something nice on Friday–

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