Donald J. Trump is An Arms Dealer 11/28/2018

Do you remember when the current President of the United States said, with baffled aggravation, that he did not understand why we had all of these nuclear weapons if we weren’t going to use them?  Then he promised to build more.  After he was elected and trying to prove to Kim Jung Un that he had a bigger cock he provided us with that empty threat “fire and fury” comment that left no question as to what he meant for the future.


Recently President Trump said, essentially, that it did not matter that the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia ordered the butchering of a journalist working at the Washington Post.  President Trump stated that the ‘strategic alliance’ with Saudi Arabia (read: the amount of money they have to spend) is too important to penalize them for just one or three totalitarian crimes.  There is big money in selling weapons to a regime that would demand a person who insulted them to be chopped into little pieces, then scattered into the sewers, or the Indian Ocean.  Those people need to fight ‘the terrorists.’   A ruling party with so little regard for human life seem like great customers for weapons of mass destruction.  After all, most of the 9/11 criminals came from that very nation.


So here is my thesis: Donald Trump, a man very few would not compare to a gangster of the 1970s movies, has decided to begin his reign in the white house by demanding obscene amounts of money to fund a number of vanity projects, walls and golden toilets and the like.  He is literally pissing on the economy and diffidently, aloofly, believing that somehow the business acumen he’s never truly had would bail the nation out when the crisis came.  He put everything on credit, like he did with all of his failed businesses.  He had always been a bail-jumping style crook in his corporate life; why couldn’t he get away with doing the same thing with a nation under his control?  He previously scanned around for shell companies to funnel the stolen assets into, found another broken industry to take all of the blame (along with political opponents demonized just out of spite, or perhaps amusement) and figured that he would bury the debt some way or another.  And he bribed some of his old corrupt corporate buddies to keep the economy afloat on lies and band-aids for as long as they could, until they stopped earning substantial profits (I’ll cut yer taxes ta keep it goin’ longer!, I can see Trump saying with in piratical slur).


Donald Trump has never cared about you, about his chief executives, about America.  All he sees is personal profit.  Think back to old cartoons, when some greedy animal sees a road to fabulous wealth, and their eyes light up with dollar signs.  That is now the President of the United States.  He does not care who gets hurt.  He does not even understand what it takes to develop a stable economy.  This is a man who has bankrupted and abandoned businesses repeatedly throughout his life because it was too hard to make things work.  Because he was unable to succeed.


Which brings me to my point: I have no doubt that this treasonous creature, this ghoul who has no doubt repeatedly ‘laughed all the way to the bank’ over the variety of terrible things he has done, and over the numerous times he has gotten away with breaking the law–I am certain that he wants The United States of America to become incorporated under the Trump brand, and thereby become the largest international munitions factory in the history of the world.  Does anyone really doubt–or at least think it impossible–that Trump would not sell nuclear weapons to people who will definitely use them?  Does he really care if they actually use them against us, breaking a contract, probably, where Trump’s lawyers scribbled in the blood of claimed souls some provision about not being allowed to entirely use the weapons as the buyer sees fit?


I also believe that Donald Trump would be willing to sell nuclear weapons–or contagions in a bottle, or anything that might kill millions and cannot be contained–to any side (or even all sides) of a civil war.  He would sell these weapons to terrorists who declare that they want to use them to utterly destroy Asia, or Europe, or Africa, or the whole world, and the President would only shrug if the price tag were high enough.  And that would be his boast, his claim (perhaps alongside something like “No one can engineer the apocalypse like I can!)  He would brag about just how much money he made selling death to the entire world.  “There has never been a bigger sale than the sale that Donald J. Trump made of only a very small part of the United States’ nuclear arsenal!  And we still have more nukes than everybody else–believe me!  Our arsenal is much bigger than it’s ever been!”


And there’s another thing no one truly doubts–that he could express this terrible thing in such grandiose and self-important terms.  There is no human consideration from this man whatsoever, regarding anything, even the precious family he props up literally as props to pretend that he, or any of them, are human.  Donald Trump isn’t even a sociopath, just a sad man with a singular idea on what matters, or how everything else does not.  He is an arms dealer, an immoral weapons salesman who considers himself a better person than other tyrants because at least he didn’t pull the switch or press the button (unless it was politically expedient).  As with all the innumerable shootings and hate crimes that have flourished under his administration, Donald Trump merely supplies the ammunition.  To him that means he is innocent–and smart to boot!  Who else can make so much money off the hopelessness, despair, hatred, and misery of others?


This is the sort of thing that once upon a time would have gotten a any nationalistic leader arrested in an international court and sent away forever, to rot with the other monsters who have been stopped at the peek of barbarity.  These are crimes against humanity in the most legitimate sense, taking the politics away from everything.  Donald Trump is not a politician–this is true.  He is neither a leader, nor a concerned citizen.  I doubt he even believes most of the conspiracy theories he peddles, or anything at all, just uses uncertainty as a shield and justification for why he commits the same crimes he condemns others for committing, even going so far as to claim that he’s a better criminal too! (which he probably is, taking advantage of this cynical world.)  Donald Trump does not care about politics, about America or Americans, about any citizen or person or plant or animal in the entire world–another thing he does not care about–the earth itself, the one place he must truly call home.  What sort of contempt for life must be behind these drastic emotions?  All he can see are profits and his reputation for toughness, brilliance, strength and an ability to accomplish what no one else, ever, has ever come close to accomplishing (he recently claimed that people would say he is “far greater than Ronald Reagan if (his) name weren’t Trump.  I suppose he has a point.  If he were not actually Donald Trump, people might say he was a better person than he is, or perhaps they would simply ignore him altogether).


Donald Trump is a self-mythologizing beast who I have no doubt has gotten to the point where he has lied about himself so much that he no longer can even tell when he is lying. He will possibly go down in history (that is, if human history survives his brief time of significant power to even make the comparison) as–and I am sure he would love this designation–the most dangerous person who has ever led a nation, including Nero and Xerses and otherwise.  I hope so much that I am wrong, but I fear I am not.  The man is an arms dealer.  Donald Trump is an arms dealer.  And that is all he ever aspired to be as the President of the United States of America.

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