How To Get Away With Treason 12/17/2018

I suppose the title of my commentary today makes the theme pretty obvious.  Listening to and watching Sunday news programs, one cannot help but notice the increasing high-pitch of President Trump and his public defenders.  I mean, Rudy Giuliani . . . do not ever call him Donald Trump’s lawyer again.  He isn’t a lawyer.  It doesn’t even matter what he once used to be.  He is a clownish spokesperson, someone who Trump realizes that some time ago had earned a brief measure of respect, and the President is celebrity obsessed.  He hired the man somehow believing that his presence would grant him credibility.  The only problem is that Giuliani does not seem like even the glimmer in a puddle of his former self.  He even contradicts his master, further belittling truth.  He is a patsy, the man who might ultimately be blamed for everything because he so clearly has no idea what he’s doing.


The only excuses for the obvious crimes are conspiracy theories and lies.  These are interesting distractions (remember, in The Art of the Deal  https://www.abebooks.com/servlet/SearchResults?isbn=9780446353250&n=100121503&cm_sp=mbc-_-ISBN-_-used  our current president says  “I play to people’s fantasies. People may not always think big themselves, but they can still get very excited by those who do. That’s why a little hyperbole never hurts. People want to believe that something is the biggest and the greatest and the most spectacular. I call it truthful hyperbole.”)  People watch all this silliness and viciousness with great interest.  It is, after all, very entertaining.


But what about the issues that are truly at the heart of the matter?  Corruption.  Selling people out.  Betraying a nation’s interests in favor of personal desire.  Actual obstruction of justice.  Lying over and over and over (and over) again, about anything, everything.  Contradicting statements with claims that one thing was never said, regardless of recordings.  It is a crude culture of dishonesty that has descended and covered the world, or at least more openly than ever before.


Let’s talk about how the President impacts children.  Always someone to admire (regardless of how many parents might train their kids not to), all Presidents impact the future in deep and unconscious ways.  For example, Donald Trump’s capacity to blame anyone but himself for the problems and mistakes he may have caused, or to take credit for anything positive, whether he was involved in the success or not, rubs off on the coming generation under his watch.  This has always been the case, the greed and radicalism of Generation X a result of Ronald Reagan and the world he helped create, the collapse of Communism and its replacement by new absolutisms.  Or what about the impact of Bill Clinton’s amorality, and the non-stop horrors experienced under George W. Bush?  This has created these hipster millennials, such a cynical, terrified and self-absorbed crowd of douchebags.


Children today (and I speak as a parent, as former teacher, who has spent most of his life around them), have gotten much worse than they used to be with these endless excuses.  Of course children have always bubbled the classic “I didn’t do it!” of Bart Simpson in the early years.  They have always tried to blame a sibling, or a friend, or a person invented  spontaneously, and pointed a tattling finger at who was truly at fault.  But it used to be more innocent.  Children used to at least know when they were lying.  These days, with The President of the United States seeming to convince himself that three different versions of the truth (or seventy-three) he came up with are all both valid and lies that other people tell about him to make him look bad.


The kids are becoming this way too, our increasingly angry and brutal society rubbing off on all of us.  We are all self-delusional liars any longer, worse than ever before.  We all convince ourselves of the truth of what we are saying, no matter how absurd, and when caught in their lie by unassailable facts, we simply deny ever having claimed such absurdity, and accuse the fact-finder of being the liar.


This is what Donald Trump and the disreputable spokespeople within his administration do.  They accept responsibility for nothing (the buck no longer stops there).  This white house refuses to admit doing any wrong, when the very nature of being President of the United States makes that impossible.  There are always poor choices and wrong decisions that are made.  One of the most noble accomplishments in any person’s life is to learn and then recover from our mistakes.  But Trump teaches kids to never admit to anything, to blame somebody else.  And to believe your own lies, because that is how to succeed.  He is an anomalous example of this.  And it is maddening.  He has been such a successful liar throughout his life, regardless of how transparently false many of his statements are, that people wish to emulate him.  They come to believe in the power of lying.


So if I return to the beginning of this piece, to the topic of getting away with treason, we have to admit that in the present it’s really pretty easy.  Refuse to admit that you are betraying your nation.  In fact, claim that everything you do is to help the people, to make the world a better place.  To make the nation great again.  Anything that may go wrong as a result of these practices and policies is the fault of political rivals, even though those were usually the Cassandras warning the nation that if we accept these ways, we are doomed to what has come upon us.


If you convince enough people that your crimes are in fact strong, positive, and altruistic endeavors, then you have a standing army to protect you from the law.  You have caused your followers to doubt the very legitimacy of the law.  What you’ve really accomplished is the creation of a lawless society, of one at war with itself, because a vortex has torn open in the universe where reality is different for every single being.  One can deny the truth by simply claiming it isn’t true.  This can make facts unimportant, lost, in this world of weaponized opinion.


I am merely here to record editorial history.  This has much less to do with what I believe about things, and is more of a commentary on the clashing beliefs outside, in the larger world, away from the active isolation of a lonesome writer taking the whole world to task.  And all of you know that these warring beliefs are tearing the world apart.  People say that you cannot blame Trump (or just Trump) for this disruption in the very fabric of reality, but I disagree.  Of course you can blame him.  If Donald Trump were not himself, whoever he was would certainly blame him for all of his own problems.  Because this is what we do; this is the lesson of history I fear this sarcastic, crooked, finally worthless piece of shit of a human stain will provide to the future of civilization.  He will make lies into truth and make it legitimate to claim that the truth is a vicious, vindictive attack; a partisan belief that can be countered any number of ways


These secret, childhood plots to get away with something have become an important part of reality (whatever that is) in the age of Trump.  You supporters should feel proud.  We can justify Donald J. Trump being one of the most important and significant figures of the 21st century.  Like Hitler in the 20th.  And J. Edgar Hoover.  Stalin.  Lenin. Chairman Mao.  All of those professional liars who came to power on the helplessness and broken wills of their poor, sad, and tragically desperate followers.

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