‘Twas the Day Before Christmas–A 21st Century Update 12/24/2018

‘Twas the day before Christmas

And all through the state,

The people were outraged,

And consumed by their hate.

They resented the season

Because it tried to forgive

The corruption and treason

With which we all live.

Both the right and the left-wing,

Convinced of their righteousness,

Declare everyone liars,

Claim all truth is libelous.

Does Christmas have meaning?

Well at least it had once,

And forget the religion

It was all about us.

And yet all that is broken

We are trapped in a cycle

Consumed with resentment

Our urges more primal.

And yet once there was joyousness

With Christmas before us,

But now we’re all poisonous

We make too much fuss.

So our Christmas remembrance

No longer shines bright

We resume our convictions

And go on, dark as the night.

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