Stephen Miller: A Very American Disease 1/9/2019

Listening to President Trump’s speech to the nation last night one cannot help but recognize the ghastly cynicism of 33-year old senior presidential adviser Stephen Miller.  Or at least most people recognize it.  The President either didn’t, or simply does not care (I guess the latter).


The language of that speech was remarkably transparent in its insincerity.  When talking about a “crisis of the heart” and “crisis of the soul,” one can see the smug frat house chortling of Miller–a man who when in high school once shrieked through a speech with a smug grin, demanding his rights to throw trash on the ground around the campus because certain people were “paid to pick it up for us!”(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52WoTVqeoJw  be.com/watch?v=lcMyhttps://www.youtudq6vGW8)


Stephen Miller is a text book example of the sort of person I have been talking about for a while: the right-wing radical who mirrors the tactics of shrill 1960s and 70s left-wing protesters, using every call to emotional blackmail they can exploit.  Miller, sarcastically, has brought this same sort of language, which was properly laughed off regarding the howling bunch of pussies once called ‘liberals,’ and he is somehow using this to justify crass, crude, bigoted, and benighted policies with ‘a call to the heart.’  The prankish tone of this is perhaps what is most offensive.


Think about the times you may have seen someone taunt another, mocking their interests, calling boys ‘girlish’ and girls ‘boys,’ making individual taste into a limited, gender-based ideology.  You can just hear the soulless cruelty–‘ohhh.  Playin’ wiv a widdle dollie?’ or ‘girls can’t play football!’  This is the depth of Stephen Miller’s fake sympathy.  Because, at one time or another, people he has disagreed with have successfully taken advantage of a social atmosphere by crying into the wind about whatever momentarily offends them, Miller has decided that this tactic can work for anything–even being offended by people being offended by your prejudices!


–This will be a far briefer comment today.  I began this piece last night, shortly after the President’s speech, and the almost equally flat Democratic response, and then fell asleep, only to wake at around 4AM with a 101 degree fever, and the definite symptoms of this current strain of influenza making so many people miserable.  And the only thing I can think of, while wiping my nose and drinking Theraflu, is just how on point this viral contagion seems to be with the topic of the day.  Previously I wrote a piece called “The Sociology of Cynicism” (10/26/2018), where I discussed the viral nature of indifference and doubt.  To me, Stephen Miller seems like that very germ dug up out of the earth when some corporation decides that it needs to find oil in new places–that angry defender of the planet that seeks to destroy everything in an act of spiteful revenge, because the natural order of things is being shredded.


The youngest a person can be to get elected President of the United States is 35.  Miller will never be elected president, too much of an immoral, hyper-emotional snowflake to generate confidence in anyone other than members of his mutually lost and cynical fraternity.  But he has been outrageously successful being an asshole throughout his rather brief life.  I am sure that he is already very wealthy, and has only greater good fortune to look forward to.  But it does not change the fact that Stephen Miller is the definition of a very American disease.  Stephen Miller is the result of being spoiled rotten.



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