The Outrage of the Unexpected 1/19/2019

This is about Twitter, filled with a petty, mean-spirited gang of fools.  This is not meant as an anti-Trump piece, or anti-Democrat piece, or even anti-anti everything.  It is about exaggeration, lying, and about those who gang up on people and repeat out of context falsehood until someone is forced to act.  I’m talking about you, #MAGA.  The left is guilty of this too, although they are generally less aggressive.


I was blocked and subsequently banned from Twitter, which has been my chief promotional vehicle for this site.  I had been doing pretty well, gaining new followers every day.  Since this site is about to include quite a bit of professional sponsorship due to an upcoming project, the timing here is very bad.  But, here I still am and I have begun a new account on Twitter.  Please follow (if you have already followed), and please, if not, I welcome your advice and potential interest.  I cover opinions here, from every side I can discover and hopefully collect.  I am interested in world views, from everywhere, and I celebrate the diametrically opposed alongside fanatical agreement or disagreement, whichever an individual or group finds more important.  This is a major project for me, and an extremely serious study, with results to be published in numerous places, including books, articles that are outside (and no doubt more prominent than just my true love, this, Recording Editorial History) of this site, other, international websites, and a variety of other mediums.


If you were to kindly look over some of my previous posts, what you will find is a generally bleak outlook about the slow collapse of civilization, at least as I see it.  Also you will get quite a few uncomfortably personal admissions about myself that I likely should not be exposing to the random world.  And while I collect editorial opinions, I certainly offer up my own.  Sometimes I do not agree with the point-of-view I am promoting, but this is only to inspire discussion, from any perspective  There is hardly any mean-spirited intention in any of this (although sometimes the character I play is a miserable, or even a cheerful asshole).  My new Twitter handle is @asphlex7, Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/lance.polin.


And so I will avoid other comments or opinions today.  It is, by the way, my 47th birthday.  It was a lovely present to wake up to, forcing me to work on this on-line bullshit (not this post, per se) and attempt to re-engage the audience I fear I have lost.  Hopefully you will find interest in the diversity of commentary I have to say and please, I welcome any response.  Call me a fucking idiot if you choose.  Call me a heretic.  Even threaten me.  I have a very thick skin.


Thank you everyone from your support.

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