The Conspiracy of Race 1/23/2019

This is primarily directed at my newest audience (although those of you still lingering on from my diminished past, thank you, and it’ll be back to normal tomorrow).  Hi.  Welcome to Recording Editorial History.  I appreciate the clicks, and the mild curiosity that, perhaps, my title has evoked.  We all have opinions on race, and racism, and the declarations that label people into despised groups.  And of course this goes in every direction.  Somehow the proud racists have become oppressed followers of old-time ways and, like any people, they are somehow seeking a restoration of their lost civil rights.


But who admires racists, their desperate loathing based upon stories they were told, raw images they have seen, and a blind leap into stereotypes that justify their hatred?  Who really looks up to them, filled with aggressive shame for feeling this way?  It makes their anger no less legitimate–perhaps even more so when, reflectively, someone consumed by hate is honest with themselves.


I suppose we can understand a guy who’s daughter was raped and murdered by some monstrous black guy, or a person who lost all of their money because of an actual greedy, cheating Jew, but why include everyone of what is transformed into an enemy tribe when all you really loath are specific fucking assholes?  I have said before, and repeat again (wait until I get into quoting John Adams on the collapse of Democracy, which is already repeated numerous times in older posts), that if you get to know someone, you will find a much better reason to hate them.  We should also understand why some black guy hates white people, after being wrongly arrested for someone else’s crime, brutalized by a smug police officer, who has him completely in their power, dragged down to the courts, where he is convicted by an indifferent white judge and jury, sent to prison for however long the system deems necessary, and inside the white nationalists rape him repeatedly.   He is lied to by his lawyer, who is more interested in other cases, now, because this guy was convinced to take a plea, and that’s the end of his story.  We get it; it was white people who destroyed this man’s life.  It still shouldn’t justify the broad hatred of everyone.


There’s another idea–misanthropy, which is a boiling disgust with all of humanity.  If nothing else, this is a notion of equality, everyone looked upon in the same way, and once the misanthrope gets to know them they are revolted even more.


But I am calling this piece The Conspiracy of Race, and therein lies the trouble with all of these styles of enmity.  The misanthrope foolishly classifies everyone as the same, and this is ultimately just another generalization.  ‘Humanity–what a worthless race.’


We all try to look at each other as equal in one way or another–there are the good ones! But we cannot help separating individuals into classes.  This is hardly about the target, but about ourselves, a desperate longing, and feelings of inadequacy that force the mind to consider itself superior to at least one person.  It is necessary.  It isn’t even about hatred, in the beginning (that comes when they are condemned, criticized, or counter-attacked).  What it’s really about is making yourself feel better about your uncertainties.  You might be low, but at least you’re better off than those people.


But where does this idea come from, truly?  In the past it was simply a matter of strength, power, and technology.  It was ‘the ‘white man’ who had barbaric intentions, regardless of the civilized philosophies they eventually brought to the lands they conquered.  Africa, North and South America, Australia–these were the continents that the white man came to dominate from their homes in Europe.  This is obviously most of the world.  The only reason that Asia was not entirely dominated (just parts of it), was that there was simply too many people, and far better technological advances than most of the rest of the world, in this age before world wars consumed every corner of society.


To take just one example, we can focus on what the Spanish and French, and later the American settlers, did to the natives of North America:

Image result for native americans slaughtering their own


Slaughter, rape, theft, religious inquisitions and the intentional eradication of swaths of people with poverty, disease, and slavery.  Say what you will, and make whichever generalizations you want, but the one thing the white man has been great at throughout human history is conquest.


But this is not a slight to all white people–certainly not.  It is simply an example from history.  Native civilizations have by no means been better to their own people.  Here are a few pictures to consider:




Khmer Rouge Killing Fields


Child Soldier With Skull


Related image


This is the world, throughout time.  Such hatred is not exclusive to race.  Take religion:


Image result for spanish inquisition


Related image


Image result for nazi concentration camps torture


All of these pictures are real (except the cartoon, but that is meant to be a summary of what happened during the Spanish Inquisition to heretics, witches, and non-believers).  And it is not my intention to be so unpleasant, to expose our dark history any more than yesterday’s news does.  The point I wish to make is the consequences of tribal hatred.  It literally tears society to pieces.  It is the outrage we all suffer, seeing those horrorable images.  Here.  Here’s one more, then I promise to move on:


Killing Fields Baby


This is the deeds of Khmer Rouge, a splattering horror that can define evil if we choose to think this way.  Somehow someone justified this, like they used to in the American South with lynchings and the burning of children.


Today these fears have transformed into something perhaps even more sinister: the belief in a Globalized New World Order, run by a shadowy gang of anonymous overlords, be it the Jewish bankers, or the homosexual agenda, or the blacks taking over the world, to the Muslims and their crusade.  The white man, or at least some of them, those people used to learning their history of acquisition, they see change as a threat.  They develop a secret guild of conservatism, this one seeking to preserve the ‘old world order.’  No longer is prejudice being used to lift ourselves up, but based upon outright terror that the others are taking away their freedom, whatever that means.


Image result for fear of the new world order


This image, filled with Illuminati and Freemason symbols, warns us about a perceived incoming disaster.


Image result for conspiracy of the new world order


Image result for fear of secret societies


It is this wave, these isolationist fears, that are the new form of racism.  When guys like Sean Hannity, above, with millions of followers, both on television and, even more so, on right-wing conspiracy talk radio (the most popular sort of talk radio there is, mostly, I suspect, because the talk is fascinating and, in contrast, liberals seem whiny and repeat their outrage over and over again), it is almost like a call to action.  People believe in crazy things because it is an easy excuse, like blacks are ruining the cities, or the Jews are responsible for the collapse of Weimar Germany.


The identity of hatred has become far more general, with conspiracy theorists fanning the flames of division (President Trump is the Conspiracy Theorist in Chief):

* The evidence isn’t clear that Russia interfered in the election
* Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia may have been murdered
His voice might not actually be his voice on the “Access Hollywood” tape.
This does not include his allegations about Barrack Obama, or his terror of a ‘Deep State,’ which is apparently the current name for an Illuminati-like cult.
The Illuminati, by the way, was a group of German altruists who had been impressed by Rousseau’s theories on education, that is, developing public schools.  They threw a great deal of money into attempting to initiate such a system to ‘illuminate the world.’
Of course when the French Revolution came about, with its barbarity and Reign of Terror, someone had to be blamed.  Guess who it was?  That unknowable secret group of businessmen funding the development of new ideas in children, that’s who!  The Illuminati quickly disbanded, and has haunted our imaginations ever since, some unstable people even attempting to form new sects, hopelessly, and believing that they can take over the world.
Ultimately conspiracy theories like this (I do not doubt that there have been some serious conspiracies throughout world history–especially from people who believe that others are conspiring against them), theories like this could never possibly last.  People do not trust one another, and the mistrustful mindset of an actual member of a secret society could never have faith in their peers.  Even people who agree on something do not believe in their goals for the same reasons.  Additionally, how are they ‘secret’ if we know about them?  People believe that they are somehow aware of things the rest of us are not, that they and they alone are prophets, the seers who understand what is really going on.
Prejudice is just another excuse for fear, to blame other people for our mistakes, our frustration, and our terminal unhappiness.  People are all the same in that they are different in every aspect of their beliefs.  This does not mean that we need to respect those other ideas either, like some wishy-washy, undecided people preach.  All it means is that we need to accept there are different opinion, and understand that there will always be people who hate us because they think that everything we stand for is wrong.

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