Conspiracy Theories and the Escape from Reality 1/26/2019

The rise of conspiracy theories has been a slow-moving invasion.  People have doubted the facts in front of them for as long as civilization began to organize, with social hierarchies controlling the masses.  In ancient Egypt, for example, there are some who claim that the prophet Moses was, in fact, the Pharaoh Akhenaton, a challenger to Ramses, and a self-deifying man who promoted a new monotheistic religion worshiping the sun.  And while, in many ways, this idea has been borne out by scientific reality–the sun as life giver–what Akhenaton did was a purely political move, destroying the reign of all the other competing gods, and replacing them with his ideas on reality.  It was a power play.  He failed because, of course, people take their religion very seriously.  There was a violent rebellion.  He ran away with his followers to Mount Sinai, where they plotted for a number of years.  When they returned, after casting numerous spells from the Egyptian Book of the Dead to assure them success, they attempted a second ‘Exodus,’ to lead the oppressed servants out of Egypt, and into the hopeful new land of Canaan.


The ten commandments are also predated in this story, with the invocation of spell 125 from the Book of the Dead.   These were supposedly the words of Akhenaton (Moses), to the people after his conference atop Mount Sinai with his single Sun god:


Image result for egyptian book of the dead 125


Hail great god, lord of the place of the Two Goddesses of What is Right.
I have come before you so that you may bring me to see your perfection.
I know you, I know your name,
I know the name of these 42 gods who are with you in this broad court of the Two Goddesses of What is Right,
who live on the henchmen of evil, and eat of their blood
on that day of calculating characters in the presence of Wennefer.
See, your name is He of the two Daughters, he of the two Chants, lord of the Two Goddesses of What is Right,
See, I am come before you, I have brought What is Right to you, I have removed What is Wrong for you. 
I have not impoverished the divine herd (people); I have committed no crime in place of What is Right; 
I have not known (explored) nothingness; I have not done any evil
I have not made a daily start in labors over what I did (previously); 
My name has not reached the office of director of servants;
I have not orphaned the orphan of his goods;
I have not done the abomination of the gods;
I have not slighted a servant to his master;
I have not caused affliction; I have not caused hunger; I have not caused grief; I have not killed;
I have not harmed the offering-cattle; I have not caused pain for anyone;
I have not reduced the offerings in the temples;
I have not harmed the offering-loaves of the gods;
I have not taken the festival-loaves of the blessed dead;
I have not penetrated the penetrater of a penetrater; I have not masturbated; 
I have not reduced the measuring-vessel, I have not reduced the measuring cord;
I have not encroached on the fields; I have not added to the pan of the scales;
I have not tampered with the plumb bob of the scales;
I have not taken milk from the mouths of babes;
I have not concealed herds from their pastures;
I have not snared birds in the thickets (?) of the gods;
I have not caught fish in their pools;
I have not held back water in its time;
I have not dammed a dam at rapid waters;
I have not put out the fire in its moment;
I have not transgressed the days concerning meat offerings;
I have not turned back cattle from the property of a god;
I have not blocked a god in his processions;
I am pure (four times),
my purity is the purity of that great phoenix which is in Henenesut,
because I am indeed that nose of the lord of breath,
who enables all the populace to live, on that day of filling the Sound Eye in Iunu, on month 2 of winter, last day.
I am the one who sees the filling of the Sound Eye in Iunu.
Nothing evil can befall me in this land, in this broad hall of the Two Goddesses of What is Right,
because I know the names of the gods who dwell in it.


Those who renounce the Judaeo-Christian bible as a conspiracy of the Romans, once they conquered the world more than two thousand years later, are able to feed on this story, transforming the current popular mythology into one which somewhat parallels the widespread belief, and offers ‘secret knowledge,’ which is appealing to everyone.


We have not evolved from this.  Today nothing is really believed in any longer.  I have commented on the brutal and helpless cynicism of my generation, ‘X,’ whose name seems to imply that we have crossed everything out, and believe in nothing.  As a result of our group temporarily taking control of the world, as every generation has their time to do, this absolute doubt in everything has consumed the mindset of the world.  There are always more complicated explanations to the threats, violence, and disasters that befall humanity, because if things happened for the reasons claimed, then the world is not only uncontrollable, leaving us completely helpless to the fates (unevolved since ancient times), but far less interesting.  Having so little control forces us to confront the meaninglessness of our lives.


I would like to offer a brief highlight reel of some of the things that people actually believe today to give their lives meaning.  I will avoid flat-earth and faked moon-landing theories because a number of players in the NBA have of late managed to get these ideas back into the news.  It is certain that these guys are wrong, the same folks who believe in Illuminati plots, and underground reptilian societies living inside the hollow earth, pulling the strings of everything that has ever happened.  I used to teach high school.  I would listen to the blathering conspiracy theories of sixteen year old kids, repeating a psychopathic fantasy they read online, preaching their new gospel without understanding its implications.  When you attempt to debunk these beliefs, more often than not, it is like you are condemning their religion.  They are offended.  I have been both sentenced to hell, and physically attacked for my, admittedly, rather nasty attacks on these ridiculous ideas.  And so I wish to comment on a number of these theories:


Image result for underwater hitler clones


  1.  Some people think that Adolph Hitler escaped from his underground bunker.  Okay, the man was a frightening enough demon for many to consider that, perhaps, his reign of terror would never end (we can look to the influence of his hatred only nominally, because Antisemitism has existed since long before Hitler, and has changed very little over the years: the same stereotypes, the same paranoid expectations among those who buy into this conspiracy).  But there are a handful who take this doubtful premise quite a bit further.  For example, some have Hitler moving to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean inyo an underground Nazi base, where they perfected cloning in 1940.  Hitler clones run the place.  They build flying saucers.  These saucers have the most advanced technology in the history of our world (a sect within this sect believe that actual space aliens, who also hate Jews, made a deal with Hitler, trading advanced technology for fresh bodies to experiment upon).  It is thought that every siting of these UFOs (every single one) is just another Hitler trying to frighten the world into once more falling under his sway.  Image result for anti-vaccination propaganda
  2. One of the increasingly prominent conspiracy theories today (shared, in fact, by President Donald Trump) is the anti-vaccination movement.  Not only is it believed by some that childhood vaccinations are the main cause of autism in children, as well as other emotional or intellectual disorders, but some people take this quite a bit further.  They think that every newly developed disease (which had until named simply been unidentified, in our reality), including AIDS, childhood cancer (in fact, any form of cancer before the age of 65), shaken baby syndrome, which forgives parental murderers and blames doctors, as well as the rise of Type-2 Diabetes, high cholesterol, Ebola, and even the spread of influenza as the seasons change.  The reason behind all of this?  Of course government laboratories have invented all of these diseases, not even as options for future chemical warfare, but to boost the profits of ‘Big Pharma,’ which is run by secret societies, including Freemasons, Illuminati, and Satanic cults.  They invent and then spread diseases, these people believe, and then sell their inoculations, which you need every year. Image result for jonbenet is katy perry
  3. Here’s a weird and completely unnecessary theory: former child beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey was never killed and is, in fact, pop star Katy Perry.  This picture with Perry’s hair died blonde is used to prove this.  The theorists believe that the deep purpose behind the lie has something to do with the Ramsey’s themselves being Illuminati agents who sacrificed their their child to Lord of the Underworld Baphomet.  Then they saw her resurrected into the messiah of the Illuminati religion, claiming the souls of her fans in order to overthrow the world.


Of course there are many more of these particularly lunatic notions that have invaded our sleep and consumed nervous people looking for explanations to things they can never understand, but this is already longer than most of my pieces.  I want to really focus on a few particularly malicious rumors that people have latched onto recently:

Image result for deep state

  1. Deep State: This is borne out of Donald Trump, his conspiracy peddling handlers, and hard right-wing media.  It really is no different than any other fabled secret society of the past, although, for the internet culture, names are named, and pictures are displayed, and stories are outright made up with a dedicated audience, who believe everything, because one time something the theorist in question may have been partially correct.  But this is the result of the growing distrust individuals have for one another.  Anyone can do anything and we don’t really know who other people truly are, right?  I mean . . . I mean . . . that sounded kind of strange what my brother said the other day.  Do you think . . . do you think he . . . might not . . . do you think he might not really be my brother?  Illuminati is the same thing, an all-powerful secret society with conflicting agendas, all with the goal of ruling over the world.  The members of this club seem to change with every generation, following an increasingly heinous agenda.  The concept of Illuminati is actually around 240 years old, but has been pushed back into ancient times by true believers, who wish to imagine that no one has ever had control over their own lives. Image result for 9/11 truthers Image result for birthers
  2. 9/11 versus Birthers:  Both of these ideas have branched out into numerous, often contradictory theories that prove, to the believer, the corruption and hidden agendas of individuals they otherwise spend their time ranting are stupid and incompetent.  For 9/11, such a terrible event is bound to inspire alternate ideas, from the plausible (it was predicted in advance), to the absurd (George W. Bush was completely in control of the event, using remote access to control the three empty planes that hit the buildings, and sacrificing the people on flight 93 and in the World Trade Center to give the world some actual victims).  On the other side, some people actually think that President Barrack Obama was (and still is) a secret cell founder of an American Al Quida arm, founded by his Kenyan father, and instilled into Obama by the Madrases that are openly funded by liberals at Harvard University.  No matter how much people might believe the worst about the leaders they neither support nor respect, there is always farther they can go, and always something ridiculous to believe.
  3. The Trump Era:  Today we are greatly benefited in this field by having a paranoid conspiracy theorist as President of the United States.  This is, of course, not a good thing for the world, watching and seeing the radical and dangerous things so many paranoids with influence have done in the past, but it does both explain and confuse so much of what people believe is going on.  Trump seems capable of imposing doubt onto anything, even the most obvious truths, like that some people within his campaign (regardless of whether or not he was involved) are outright traitors to the United States, or that something that he said live on camera was, in fact, somebody else, put up to it by a ‘fake news media.’  Everything is a conspiracy theory with Donald Trump, and I truly doubt that he believes most of what comes out of his mouth.  He may get confused, because he lies and mocks ideas so much, and start to believe some of this own nonsense, but the man is a hollow shell (perhaps filled with reptilian overlords?) who cares about nothing beyond personal desire.  And yet there are dedicated followers to the man’s ever-changing ideology, and they scoop it up as newfangled gospel, even adding litanies and prayers to their deification.  


With these growing cancers on society, it cannot be too long before the world as we know it crumbles (wait for my own conspiracy theory, in a future post).  The last time that such radical disbelief in reality was before our eyes, the world was in the early days of the Cold War, with a Communist waiting to devour you under every bed.  World War II certainly did the same thing with the Jews, and it goes back throughout all human history, fingering one, or a handful of groups as outsiders, and therefore the cause of everything that has ever gone wrong.


It is so easy to deflect the blame from ourselves, for our own irrational thoughts and behaviors.  It is easy to accuse somebody else for all of our problems (how many of you right now condemn your parents for interfering with your ability to achieve your deepest dreams?)  And yet all we can do now is watch.  The coming revolution absolutely will be televised.  I just doubt if any of us will be able to tell the difference once the New World Order has come.

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