Liberal Racism as a Response to Overt Racism 1/30/2019

Remember left-wing conspiracy theories?  They used to be the foundation of paranoid conjecture.  But that has all gone away.  For all the genuinely horrible things an American organization such as the CIA has committed throughout its murky past, suddenly, with a local enemy under investigation, the people once blamed for the murder of a beloved president have become the heroes of a liberal revolution.


Of course in years before it was the right who celebrated their current adversaries: FBI, CIA, the Justice Department itself.  All of those conspiracy theories that the stoned, not-so-radical left debated were mocked or justified within the questionable motives of the Cold War.  The far right even celebrated several overt acts of tyranny–the manipulation of elections, the overthrow of governments, the blood pacts made with dictators in order to establish bases for the US to spy on their enemies.  There would be a satisfying irony to the fact that all of this has turned around to bite the right in the ass, if this hadn’t put the whole world in grave danger.


All this being said, however, I realize that I can rightly be accused of occasional partisan bias, not so much pro-Democrats or liberals, but virulently anti-Trump, and hard right religious fanatics (religious faith follows, of course, whatever is labelled as gospel, be it a bible, or some lesser political document).  Yet there is so much worthwhile to attack on the left–the sniveling outrage, offended, every bit as much as their full-circle peers on the right, by anything that can be exploited to promote their uncertain agendas.  It is always important, I believe, to try and understand why people see things a certain way, especially what you disagree with.  And so I would like to present a case-study generalization of how the right stereotypes the left.  For those who believe these myths, there is still something we can learn, and for those who represent them, perhaps it might be time to look at our blurry reflections in the mirror, and identify the hypocrisy within ourselves.


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Liberal Outrage:  Look at the vicious look on this woman’s face.  The message is clear, even without the huff and puff of the words that follow with such inchoate rage that the sputtering out of grammar causes this to lose all meaning.  It is unquestionably true, this mugging sense of intellectual and cultural superiority among the left, every bit as intolerant of those unlike them as they accuse the right of being.  We can take any issue and pick it apart, demanding both an apology or an outright ban on the offender being able to continue their life as they know it.


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While one could certainly make arguments about the comparative severity of each of these President’s immigration policies, or compare the heartless rhetoric of one with the slick, eloquent compassion of the other, it does not change the fact that these divergent reactions are dead on.  As with supporters of Trump, those on the left make excuses for their heroes’ guilt in committing acts they otherwise deem abomination.  It is this same thin-skinned sense of outrage that has been fueling the right-wing of President Trump, and that has energized the left for a much longer time (in this sense we can make the argument that today’s right wing are the same whiny brats the left was, and still is, when something offends them.  We can call this social devolution.)


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I am not one to defend religion, finding it to be a heavy dose of dangerous fairy tales accepted as absolute truths, but the point made here is profoundly true.  Churches, for all their flaws and inherent evils, are also among the most charitable organizations in the world.  Food drives, missionary doctors helping to treat the sick, or at least offer comfort to the dying.  And the smug pussies on the left sit around and merely bitch about world problems, sometimes out in the street with a protest sign (the general population of the right, to repeat, is no better, shrieking outside abortion clinics, and hospitals that perform sex change operations; or maybe just building walls to imprison themselves within the steel cage of their fears).  The young left, however, rarely does anything that isn’t a cynical denunciation of how some people are allowed to suffer.  It is true, it becomes a faceless, online campaign to supposedly ‘draw attention’ to some very serious problems (some of which, quite validly, have to do with the greed, corruption and hypocrisy of churches).  And this makes these liberals feel like they are actually doing something to help, when the only thing they are doing is trying to make themselves feel better about the aimless direction their lives have taken.


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Liberal Tokenism:  Malcolm X spoke some profound truths throughout his brief life, and this statement is every bit as relevant today.  There are so many white liberals who blindly side with anyone not of their race, pushing so hard to prove that they see everyone equally, that they cannot realize how desperately inferior they are painting themselves, and how wrong they sometimes are to make anyone not a white male heroic no matter what.


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What about this fucking idiot?  Rachel Dolezal, the actual leader of her local NAACP branch, a woman who dyed her skin, frizzed her hair, and went after black men to justify her deep need not to be considered a racist.  Maybe her parents actually are racists, and this self-denial was merely an act of defiance.  She claimed that she ‘identified as an African-American.’  How is that?  I will not bother getting into the questions that might surround gender identity, because there are strong cases you could make on either side, but with this one . . . she seems to me someone every bit (or even more) racist as some barking, inbred Klansman.  Somehow this woman denying who she is displays not just how much, deep down, she hates herself, but her refusal to accept who she is, and the opportunism she took advantage of to the detriment of equally qualified black activists, paints her as a damaged, selfish person, with no understanding of the cause she claims to be fighting for.


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While the above is a crude piece of right-wing propaganda in its presentation (‘libtarded’–an amazing stupid term.  Not offensive, just . . . lame . . .), several of the points made are certainly valid.  The first and forth proclamations, especially, make a powerful point about liberal hypocrisy.  People on the left are often so desperate to defend any belief they deem oppressed by the radical right, that they truly would defend people murdering the homosexuals they defend, or women they are trying desperately to raise into power.  The second point, “liberals hate conservatives . . . while they defend Muslims who want . . . Sharia law is another frightening truth.”  Conservatives, for some reason, like to paint Islamic fundamentalism as another facet of liberalism, because fools like these defenders support them with no knowledge of what they stand for.  Of course, followers of Sharia law are, in reality, far more conservative than even the hardest right-wing American.  Islamic fundamentalists still live in the 1400s, and are still fighting the Crusades.  Everything they do is justified by religion.  They are more than willing to die for their radical faith.  Not too many Americans are as dedicated to their causes.  Right-wing Americans–and some of them are definitely hate-filled scum who are only followed by their brethren–are not the enemy.  They might be wrong about everything, but only a handful of them are actually at war with America how it exists today.  The same cannot be said of people dedicated to religion above nation.


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Regardless of the added comment some right-wing dipshit placed on this, the picture itself says volumes.  I believe in freedom of choice, but cannot imagine any person looking forward to, or excited about their abortion.  The arrogant, smug coldness of this asshole’s sign tells us a great deal about why people might hate liberals.  No abortion is ‘fabulous’ (which makes me believe that this person is lying about ever having had one).  All she is trying to do is offend someone, no differently than a twelve year old saying ‘fuck’ every third word. (“Fucking fuckers fucking fuck!”)  There is no substance to this woman’s protest, no sincere engagement in a legitimate and controversial issue.  The smile on her face is also very telling, a look she no doubt got every time a person slowed down and gaped at the heartlessness of her sign.  I wonder what nuggets of wisdom she added to further rile people up?


Summing up, I have to point out that the right is certainly no better (or ‘no different’ might be more apt).  Look at how some of them raise their children:


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How can one expect racism to slowly dissolve in the world such as it is?  Why do so many Republicans hyper-sensitively boast that it was, in fact, the Democrats who made up the Confederacy, and spent years after the Civil War trying to re-enslave minorities?  And while this fact is of course true, it does not take into account the changing times, and how after the corruption of Warren G. Harding was exposed following his death, those liberal Republicans left the party in droves, a mere nine years later helping to elect Franklin Delano Roosevelt, one of the great liberal icons of American history.  With FDR’s election, conservative Democrats also switched parties, leaving similar divisions throughout the nation.  The liberal Republican party transformed into the liberal Democratic party, and vice versa.  And of course there were numerous lingering racist Democrats (and of course there are still many today), and a handful of liberal Republicans, but the whole philosophy of both parties has drastically transformed.  More Republicans today are overt racists than Democrats.  Liberal racism is as depicted here or, even better, in the film Get Out.


We will continue to remain a racist world, people needing to pick out the most superficial aspect of one another in order to make themselves feel superior.  So stop whining and try to actually do something about it.

©2019 Lance Polin

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