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I have noticed a curious and, frankly, a rather baffling trend of late in response to this site, Recording Editorial History.  I am east coast USA in several almost stereotypical ways.  I am a city boy, my personality often crass and rude, pushy, unfiltered.  I will call someone an offensive term before ever seeing them.  This is what most of us are like.


West coast USA has a different character entirely.  They come across more circumspect, less in your face and, seemingly, much more polite and well-meaning.  This is only another way of stating that on the west coast they are far more dishonest, more deceptive, and in just about every way much more brutally cutthroat.


People like to declare their neighborhood, or their communities–their city or region or location, somehow superior to everywhere else.  This same classification system often bleeds into race, into gender and ideology.  It is used as a declaration of nationalistic pride and dominance.


This is what I want to talk about.  My audience here, which has of late been growing with great satisfaction for me, has expanded recently into a very international complexion. (one of my advertisers even offered me praise, which is odd, because it is the first time I have ever communicated with them without the aid of a corporate middleman setting up these contracts for me.)


For the past week the great and populous nation of India has visited me more than even these United States.  I do well here at home.  It is not that my numbers have dropped.  It is just that, for some reason, I apparently have at the very least an entertaining voice for the people of that nation.  Or maybe they simply hate me (making people angry is sometimes even better for sales than those nodding their heads and offering a thumbs up.)  Whatever it is, I love India.


I’ve also noticed something deeper and even more confusing.  It seems like the whole region: Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, and farther throughout Asia, has for some reason decided to engage with me.  I suspect that someone, or a few someones, have passed my connection along, and for this  I can only express my appreciation with humbled silence.  Whatever it is, I feel obligated to Asia.


I have also been growing throughout Africa, and have expanded throughout Europe (and not just the English speaking countries–I love you Scandinavia!)  South America, where I hardly ever used to get readers, has improved as well.  Canada has been strong since I started and Mexico has grown.  The only once prominent place for my audience that seems to have completely lost interest is Australia, one of the few places on this list that I have never actually visited.


With all of this in mind it seems important that I speak to my international audience.  This coming week (I am taking Sunday off) will be all about issues outside of my native land (no doubt mired with some American selfishness about how your troubles impact us.)  This is not just some ass-kissy appreciation, of course, and no doubt I will go after petty corruption, stupid politics and religious fanaticism with a similar voice that I use to condemn so much in the United States (get ready, Brexit!)


As with all of these pieces, they will include lots of research backed with historical proof (my level of expertise, I suppose).  These will remain ‘editorial histories.’  It is important to consider the differences and breakdowns of opinions everywhere in this increasingly divided yet hopelessly interconnected world.


Thank you again, those of you outside my home.  I want to hear your voices, to see you as you truly are, and not just those generalization we, and every last one of you, often apply to those you can not help but misunderstand.

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