The Racial Impurity of White Nationalism


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Like many people who consider themselves at least partially rational, I wanted to talk about other things today (South America will have to wait until tomorrow).  But I can’t–I won’t.  I do not wish to chime off like some sort of morally outraged social justice warrior, but the outrage is real, and my disgust for humanity keeps getting more deeply profound.  And of all places, New Zealand.  What the fuck is wrong with these monsters?


Every act of terrorism is borne out of self-hatred.  People can deny this all they like, or justify their faith with something vaguely written or predominantly presupposed, but psychological reality will always knock down every excuse.  Terrorists perform their apocalyptic deeds because they fear that they have lost, fear that the world is changing so drastically that, before long, there won’t be a place for them in it.


Of course the psychopaths willing to randomly murder many people are not the ideal any society is seeking, their sheared thought process that views everything in absolutes.  There is hatred, sure, and very little, if any, love.  Most important, people like this do not experience indifference about anything.  They care about everything.


Think about the sort of planning that went into this conspiracy–an attack on two mosques at the height of Friday prayer sessions.  Several organized fanatics took the time to gather their supplies, probably consult various maps for potential escape routes, and no doubt bend their knee in some perverted prayer, wishing themselves great success in starting their race war.


There is no such thing as racial purity.  We all come from the same place, originally.  We are all, should we go far enough back, the products of incest.  As a result, we are all distantly related, including our closest cousins, the primates.  I have to imagine that there was some moment, way, way back, when some more evolved hairless creature fucked a more primitive ape and one or the other of them got pregnant.  Welcome humanity.  This is who we are.


And yet, some fools choose to segregate themselves–and this goes for every seething racial division known to man.  They declare themselves agents of purity, and lash out at the much larger world they see as impure.  They fear they cannot stand up to the savage hordes.  They see in the masses merely their own death.  Terrorists are not fighting for a just cause, nor the fulfillment of whatever heroic ambitions they convince themselves are noble, but simply out of panic over losing themselves.  In that moment before almost certain suicide, these fools share that lingering doubt over their own purity: am I truly white?  Am I a true believer in the one true faith?  Has God (whatever that means to the individual murderer) given me the freedom to commit this act, destroying and terrifying these members of a different class?  Have I been chosen?  Am I a prophet?  Surely they will all remember me after I am gone . . .


A recent statistic states that 71% of all worldwide terrorist acts have been committed by far right wing white nationalists over the past several years.  It is important to note that these people commit their violent acts against people they declare, already, to be terrorists.  They think of ‘preemptive strikes.’  They dream in notions of paranoid heroism, of the salvation of the people they claim as their own.


Here is a sample of some of the horrible things people have said about this horrendous act, both in the immediate aftermath, as well as minutes before I re-post it.  People really seem to think this way, and I wonder where that leaves us in this refracting modern world (all spelling, grammatical, and tensile errors are their own):


” Why don’t the Muslims stay home and fix there country problems instead of going around the world and bringing there problems with them?”

” MOSSAD, again?”

“Islam is NOT a peaceful culture, Islam(Muslims) do not assimilate into other’s countries cultures. Islam wars against other religion’s, especially Christianity and kills them. The hard fact is when you live by the sword you die by the sword.”

“Well, the planet is overpopulated anyway, so this plus the reply that for sure is coming many help alleviate the pollution a bit over there.”

“A terrorist attack on terrorist headquarters.”

“Yeah, this is typical for the one world government and the Brits, get bent when the mosque are attack but when Christians and Jews are attack in Africa, the Middle East while they are at service than nothing. maybe like the rest of the world this shooter is angry and sick and tired of having these people dictate who what were when and how because they follow so sick arab heretic who started this cult by�blood, rape and force conversion many years ago. they were quiet for some time and now they are starting another force conversion or least. I tell you people, some people will not lay down with their #$%$ in the air ready to be submissive to this cult of hate but will fight. I see it as just another gang of the elites in the one world government dealings for world domination. I do not feel sorry.”

“This is all a set up about him being a trump supporter and a right wing activist, they say he was also a white supremacist but his greatest influence was Candice Owens?, Who is black.”

“Ah what a shame.. will there be pork BBQ in memorial…”


“If Muslims had not killed several other religion people in Orlando, Boston, Europe,
India and San Barnadino, this incident would not have happend. I hope Muslims now learn that if they stay peaceful others will be peaceful too.”

“He doing what they do, before they do it to him and his family, Muslims promote hate, there shouldn’t be any shock that people dont want violent baby killer in their country, remember 911, they cant be fixed, too many want live in the stone age, nope they get no sympathy from me, and thats where we’ve come, change and assimilate, take off the head wear, stop preaching hate, get rid of sharia law when you come to a foreign land.”

“Actually, thoughts and prayers should be with the courageous patriots who defended their nation against Islamic onslaught.”

“He is not a terrorist he is a hero.”


There are thousands more comments like this, far outweighing the sympathetic yet meaningless ‘thoughts and prayers’ of the mostly indifferent.  Many are even more heartless and crude.  But consider the grotesque scourge of remarks like this in the immediate aftermath of a massacre.  Others wrote sports metaphors like: “Islam: 100,000, White people: 49.”  This is the virulence of hatred.  Someone even went after Donald Trump for not being racist enough in his bland condolence.  They criticized his use of the term “innocent” to describe the victims.  “How does he know they’re all innocent?” they asked.


This is the wave of the world.  This fear and hatred will not go away.  Do you want to know what really defines the far right wing, the nationalists, nativists and separatists?  I just said it–it is fear.  These people are terrified of the world.  Muslim fundamentalists, radical gun owners, political warriors, all extremism, of every sort, on any subject, fighting for any cause, all of these people are terrified.  They have allowed true terrorism to achieve its primary goal.  It is not to kill, or at least that is not the main point.  It is to terrify.  It is to make lunatics like these people act in exactly the way that they did.  It gives justification in the equal and opposite fanatic’s mind, stating “see what these animals did?  This isn’t terrorism.  It is holy war!”


People wonder why so many people are becoming radicalized today.  We blame the internet for recruiting children.  We blame the President of the United States for being an intolerant fool.  We scan the globe and pick on fundamentalist leaders of every political and religious stripe and blame them.  They are recruiting armies.  They are trying to take over the world.  But the truth, I believe, is far simpler.  These horrific acts, perpetrated, let us admit, by every creepy death cult in the world, give rise to a defensive sort of radicalism.  Terrorists arise from terrorism in the way that abused children grow to abuse their own families.  Imagine the outrage of the survivors of this attack.  How many have been radicalized by suffering through this tragedy, by seeing this limited apocalypse that killed many people they both knew and loved?  Revenge is the motive of radicalism.  Terrorism is its release.


This is the world we have forced ourselves to live in.  Sit back, try to relax, and enjoy the horrorshow.

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