Trying to Explain a Brief Delay–

Hi.  So I  have been writing Elsewhere Series 3 for a little while now, and have noticed and certainly appreciate a pretty solid regular readership (and I am sorry these pieces are so long–there is a lot to tell about everywhere, however).  Recently I stated that Part Six: Indonesia would appear this past Monday, 4/14/2019.  I have not been able to complete it to this point.


There are a number of reasons for this, the first being the fact that my children are on Easter/Spring Break this week, meaning they are not in school, and my wife, also a teacher but for a different school district, is working through tomorrow (4/17/2019).  I work out of the house (writer and all).  This means I am house Dad for now, and any of you who have spent time with sullen and hormonal children of the early teenage years–especially as a caring parent–probably realize why I am not finished yet.  For those of you who cannot empathize, I would put it in a far colder way: with all the activity going on around the house, with all the noise, it’s pretty hard thinking clearly.  And trying late at night, often for me a clear time, is not tenable as that it when the serious profession work is composed, something which I refuse to modify for the sake of the next place.  Which one pays me more?


Anyway, I will try for tomorrow with Indonesia–an absolutely fascinating place with a both glorious and terrifying history, as well as an amazing and frightening present.  I do apologize to the handful of people from Indonesia who actually check me out daily (and they might be foreign soldiers for all I know, which of course is very welcome.)  Indonesia also seems to be a place with some strict censorship rules in place, which makes my research a bit harder as all I have to choose from are western and long ago historical references and modern analysis–mostly anti-Muslim.  Indonesia is the highest population Islamic nation in the world, and the clear bias of many of the articles makes them difficult to trust.  But I move on.  Tomorrow is my best hope this week for finishing the piece, which is first on my list.  But my son has an evening baseball game and on Thursday we are taking a day trip that will be exhausting.  If not tomorrow, let’s say next Monday.


Thank you for your continued interest.

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