Hating the White Man


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I don’t care for white people, but this doesn’t make me a racist.  The truth is, I’m a white guy too.  I don’t hate myself.  I am not ashamed of the fact that I’m white, nor am I wracked with guilt over historical wrongs that no doubt plenty of my ancestors are guilty of.  I am not even bothered, much, by the blistering racism I have heard dribbling out of the mouths of some of my relatives–surely backwards views based on nothing they have ever experienced.  All of this is like a silly cartoon to me.  I listen to the white man bitch and moan.  I hear him complain.  No matter his political bent, from far left wing pussies shouting and condemning their own existence, to the whiny, blustering, frustrated far right douchebags, angry about the end of so-called ‘white privilege’ and yet refusing to realize that all that is left for them is a misguided sense of busted white expectation.


Okay, so there’s a lot to unwrap here and I realize this is a dangerous topic, and certainly some points I make might offend someone.  But that doesn’t matter.  I do not hate white people because they’re white, no.  I hate what all people have become, today, in this anxious, hyper-sensitive world (as well as the fact that that term, ‘all people,’ has somehow descended into racism itself)  Men are no longer men, women are no longer women, and the reality of gender dysphoria has nothing to do, really, with legitimate transsexualism, but with a loss of place, the loss of identity, in a world where the once dominant gender and race is no longer relevant.


We pick apart so many excuses, all these justifications, from any side of any issue, and use them to explain ourselves, terrified of admitting that there are some things we simply cannot understand.  And I am in no way hearkening back to some ‘good ole day’ (something there never was) where people knew their place and lived within an ordered world of socially imposed control.  All of that overt hatred is something we should be glad is nearly dead.  But the subliminal impact of these modern social changes is what has become the new virulent problem, beyond simply telling someone they are inferior.


A long time ago white men in America believed themselves the lords of creation.  They were kings and pharaohs, in command of all life and anything they said would go.  Of course there were economic differences, and ethnic differences, religious differences and even suspicion over hair color and complexion, but at least all of the white drunkards and failures could still feel superior to the ‘lesser races’ they could blame for their misery.  And the white man–the rich white man who really was in charge of everything . . . when he called someone a ‘nigger’ it wasn’t even meant as an insult.  It was said with honest politeness.  To him it was just another word–a way to separate people into whichever place he defined.  Just like the Jews (‘kikes’).  And the Chinese (‘chinks’).  The Irish Catholics (‘micks’ and ‘Papists’) and every other easy slur used to point out the superficial differences between individuals.


The white man can’t do that any longer today–something which should be a good thing, but he does not know how to take it.  He divides himself into sides of either guilt or rage.  The guilty condemn everything about themselves, hoping that in some way or another they might fit in with the newly rising world.  And while their intentions may be sincere, there is no getting past the fact of just how intentional it is–how shocking they are hoping to be to whomever it was in their past that they are renouncing.  And other races know this too.  It is easy to see through.  There is something irritating about the self-righteous behavior, seeping into doubt so severe that these people will do anything someone outside their own race tells them to do.  They trust nearly every person who is not white, and are therefore easily taken advantage of, much to the amusement of the people toying with them.  And while there are also sincere friendships that may develop between the races, and even legitimate romance and love, it is the intentionality–the forced acceptance of others selected only because of their differences, that makes these people a sham.  It is the actual self-loathing that the hard white nationalist scumbags call ‘sick.’  To build a stereotype somehow, somewhere, and at some place in time, there really was a person who was like this.


But let’s turn to rage.  White rage is something increasing year after year after year.  It did not used to be such a problem, back when there were assurances from the White House down that certain people could get away with things that other people could not.  In those days there was neither no more nor no less morality wrapped up within ideas on race.  Some things were blindly accepted.  Minorities, far too often, accepted the places they were forced to live with hopeless misery, damaging their own homes and their families with the blinding outrage that would eventually overtake them with some justification.


Now the white man sees himself this way, his species shrinking, his nation growing darker and darker, and he wonders if there is any place left in the world for him.  And of course there is.  The world is still quite dominated by white people, both those good and bad, and there is a great deal of the age old social engineering that still offers certain advantages to people based on nothing other than the color of their skin.


Yet now there are white people complaining about the same thing–“they only got it because they were black!” and “Reverse racism is worse than racism!”  That last statement–huh?  Reverse racism?  Meaning people daring to hate you back for hating them all of their lives?  Is that the big problem you are whining about?  I have to say it–I have to: pussies.  They are nothing but a bunch of crybaby pussies, these white men.


They complain about women too, those people who have been the most oppressed group in all human history.  The white man (and yes, plenty of men from other races) start saying the same things others might say about race: “She got it because she’s a woman,” and “A woman can’t be President!  What if she’s on her period and pushes the button?”  This, of course, disregarding that the most likely female candidates for President are well past menopause, and have spent their lives busy proving themselves to the men trying to undermine them.


And yet women whine and shriek too, just like the men (“men are the new women,” I have said in some of my nastier moments, watching the guys in a shoe store drooling over absurdly overpriced sneakers, and giggling and gossiping in with pure acquisitional lust.  Remember, we are dealing with stereotypes here, and this one fits the description better than most).  Women call for “the end of racism,” (an impossibility, as people are always finding new ways to divide people into the worthy and unworthy–I have been recently writing long pieces on African history–check them out, why don’t you?–and one of the continuing themes throughout the civilizations I have studied is tribal warfare.  It is not about biological race between the warring tribes, but about some perception of a different ethnicity, a superficial need to separate the good from the bad.  This is not a racial phenomenon, nor a religious one, regardless of how many times these excuses are used.  It is a very human reality, our need to find haves and have nots.)  Women demand ‘equal rights’ and, somehow, there are men who refuse this.


But the point here is (and I want this to be shorter than the Elsewhere pieces that require more than my observations and opinions) that people today are misguided by superficial realities.  They seek the easy answers, any excuse that can explain to them why they are not as successful as they once dreamed in childhood.  And it is the white man–it has always been the white man, if we truly wish to be honest–who sets the social mindset, and watches the repercussions of his actions, of his foolishness, of his occasional genius, and his inevitable selfishness and greed on every other person in the world, who seek only fairness, or occasionally dominance.  It is not so much about replacing the culture with something entirely new (that’s a religious thing).  No, it is about wanting what the other people have, and then being given the opportunity to lord it over everyone the way they have always been lorded over by everybody else.


Yes, it is easy to hate the white man.  So much of what he does makes him worthy of contempt.  And we can get into peaceful chatter about acceptance and forgiveness and redemption, but those are not the fuses that charge the world.  No, hatred is much easier, far more basic and profound.  Blame is how we come to understand who we are and why.  And this is what we accept.  This is what we will never forgive.  There is, therefore, no chance at redemption.

©2019 Lance Polin



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