Poison and Partisan Politics

I’d love to tell you a story about modern times, about the world as it is today.  I would love to dig deep into the nectar that seeds our world and transforms every moment into significance and relevance.  I would love to.  Nothing would make me happier.  But I can’t–not because I won’t, but because such reality does not exist.


Yeah, I’m in a foul mood, and this is a sidestep from my own personal fixations and obsessions, but it seems like time for a brief renunciation of how toxic the state of the world is today.  And I am not calling back to some age old time where things made sense, or where morality actually mattered to people, because such a time there never was.  Perhaps it was easier to lie to one another in those days long ago, before the toxicity of widely distributed forums such as this one I am using to express such points of view, and maybe the idea of hope was embraced by a more cloistered and naive civilization, but if we look at the triumphant idea that was once ‘America,’ and attempt to display it in all the various view-scopes that give each of us a clear vision towards our futures, we can acknowledge the damnation of humanity quite clearly.  Let’s summarize Donald Trump, again, but briefly this time, because he and his devoted followers have no interest outside of a numbing abbreviation of words.  In fact, Trump’s enemies, too, wish to debase the language until understanding revolves around single points instead of sequential reality.  It is all opinion.  There is no such thing as facts.  This is the very reason some anonymous space like Recording Editorial History exists.  Here I try to chronicle the truth as different ideologies see it.  In itself this will prove to be very important to the study of history, far from now, even if this idea does not come into play until long after I am gone, no longer neither able nor willing to comment on how much we have fucked up our world.


But let’s break it down, duel-sided, regarding the Trump administration.  My most severe criticism of this era is not based on politics or partisanship or even the divisive ideas that are the burning fuel of this age of republican democracy.  All of that nonsense is the distracting fodder that tricks civilization into believing that their opinions matter.  No, my top concern is how cynical our view of reality has become, a team sport, us-versus-them mindset that removes the serious concerns of day-to-day living from the nexus of our world, and reduces every debate into a sports talk show where everyone has an advantage in screaming that everyone else is wrong.


I watch the news–I watch the news a lot and a lot, and I switch pretty evenly between the biases that spit out lies about the opposing sides.  It is the same thing as sports radio–the home team is either the best or the worst and I will hang up on you five minutes before I finish my rant about just how wrong you are.  And what?  What?  Nothing else to say?  I guess I win the debate, then.  I suppose that means that whatever I say is the absolute truth.


And here is what our politics has become.  Donald Trump is obviously a criminal in numerous ways and in numerous forms.  This does not mean, specifically, that he is guilty of treason, nor that he is even a traitor in this age of such fractious partisan bias.  And as for those who, politically, oppose the president, their arguments and urges to inspire some sort of moral outrage are not ever going to work, when the nation itself has been so divided for so very long that a plea to the heartstrings can no longer get a unified reaction.  The Democrats, a weak, blurry party of confusion who might offer slightly better clarity for a human future, are so caught up in the same chanting game of schoolyard bullying that the Republicans have for quite some time now been winning at, that their versions of opposition in the same gloomy light of misery is simply not interesting enough to defeat the criminal urges of a selfish individual who has guided his selfish followers into the absolutism of anarchy.  Yes, I state this outright: Donald Trump is an anarchist.  He is not someone who believes in nations, or society–not even in the glue that creates something so basic as civilization.  He is a selfish, spoiled little boy only interested in what the world can offer him.  The fact that he is the president of the United States of America says far more about us than it does about him.  The fact that, regardless of whether he won with a slim minority or not, that enough people see this solipsistic worldview as the best way forward is really what the problem with the world is today.  Fundamentalist terrorists are, in fact, no different in their outlook than people following this outrageous, selfish extremity.  People on the left, nervous, afraid, or simply angry, parallel the same absolutism in response.  We cannot attack an opposing side without seeing our own reflection, seeing that our patience is at an end.  However it is that we wish to condemn those opposed to our singular point of view–right, left, center, middle, indifferent, we must understand that each of the many, multifarious factions that make up the warring nations of the earth, that this is the true flaw in our nature.  This is what is at fault.  It is not just a refusal to listen and acknowledge that people think otherwise.  It is–and Donald Trump, here, is our patron saint–it is that we are far too selfish to ever consider listening to what another person might have to say.

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