Aggressive Self-Promotion

Hi.  So I just recorded the very first Recording Editorial History podcast.  I was kindly given the opportunity to attempt this, and am rather excited to see how it goes.  I will of course inform you when and where it is available once my producer gets it together.  The topic is race, an adaptation for audio of several of the past pieces published here.  But you can hear my irratating voice and come to different and probably harsher conclusions about me by listening (as well as get me paid more for this endeavour than merely the written word; you folks might be among the last people who actually read.  I have even heard, as promotions for those audio books, that listening is the new reading.)  So please, tune in once it is publically available.  The pieces here will of course still pop up with regularity (Elsewhere 4 Part Five is being should appear by the end of the week on Germany from the revolution of 1848 through the end of World War II).  But I need a better outlet to promote the upcoming book (or maybe just read the whole damn thing over the for audio, since, you know, no one really reads anymore.)  Thank you for your tolerance and lingering interest and I hope you hear me soon.

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