The Debut of the Recording Editorial History Podcast!

Exciting news (for me, anyway, ambition and ego merging).  On Thursday June 12, 2019, at 9PM PST, the new podcast version of Recording Editorial History debuts on http://www.demospinradio.com.  Of course I am east coast USA, which makes this a midnight debut, but I figure people wandering around online at any given hour might give me a chance.  Listen, learn or disagree!  Hear what I sound like and be throughly disappointed!  Come to realize, perhaps, that some seemingly logical essay I wrote sounds froth-mouthed insane being spat out in my frantic tones!  Or, expect more of the same as here, which is how I think of it, with potential for a much larger audience.


The first commentary deals with racial problems and misunderstandings.  It is a monologue adaptation of several pieces written here.  Please, listen and make comments.  Send me hate mail or marriage proposals (I would laugh at both).  Thank you for your continuing interest, and I look forward to offering this additional version of variations on the truth.

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