A Follow-Up and Promotion of The Feminization of Masculinity, and The Recording Editorial History Podcast


Apparently my recent piece on men bothered several readers.  No doubt they were the people alluded to within the narrative, or were simply young people who for some reason believe I was targeting them, personally.  Or perhaps they were merely a stereotype, the college kid pissed off by and protesting everything they somehow force themselves to find offensive.  Curiously none of the negatives responses came from women, perhaps further justifying my point (or, perhaps, women didn’t even bother to care).  Either way, I was amused by the negativity thrown my way on this particular piece.  If you have the opportunity and inclination, please check it out.


Additionally, this coming Thursday, 6/20/2019 you can listen to a supplement to this essay on the Recording Editorial History podcast, to be found at demospinradio.com.  The time is 9 PM Western Standard Time.  I live on the East Coast, USA, which makes it midnight here.  The podcast will be broadcast every week on Thursdays at this time, with the occasional week off and a rerun.  Sometimes topics will relate to a recent piece, like this one (although the recording was made prior to the composition of the essay in this instance).  Other times a wholly original topic will crop up, with occasional guests.  I hope you have the chance to tune in and catch me ranting.

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