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Remember when you were young, still at home (regardless of how great or terrible your childhood was), and your idea of escape was watching terrible things happening to mostly stupid people?  Then I would guess you are a horror fan.


This is not going to be an editorial today.  I find myself extremely busy, needing to work on several projects outside of babbling about something that pisses me off.  No, today I will settle for an advertisement (something for which I have been horrendously lax).  One of my chief sponsors is the wonderful streaming network American Horrors, owned and run by Hart D. Fisher, a legendary maverek, not just within the horror industry, but rising daily and coming to a theater and bookstore near you soon.


Watch Channel


The above link will give you access to this unique channel, filled with many forgotten and sometimes classic horror films, all uncut, from days gone by.  You have slashers flicks, demonic possession, crazy people and biker gangs dealing with the supernatural.  Many of the films witnessed here take me back to that hormonal youth when middle to high school anxieties were far more frightening than whatever gruesome fantasy someone like me imagined.


American Horrors also features original programming, from the hilarious Gorecast, which is kind of a Siskel and Ebert movie review show done by two profane Irish dudes, highlighting the most extreme moments of the film under examination with genuine enthusiasm and joy, sometimes taking a theme to discuss the a variety of films within a sub-genre, to paranormal investigations programs, and Horror Show, a creepy program hosted by a costumed freak (and sometimes his daughter).  There is a massive range of programming here, some of the films so-bad-they’re-good, while the bulk is an example of what true horror is supposed to mean.


I highly recommend this channel, available on Roku for free.  Check it out: http://www.americanhorrors.com/watch-channel/

And if you are ambitious and have made a work of horror, please contact American Horrors to submit your film for the festival.

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