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Last I spoke about the ridiculous Democratic primary draft.  I had small expectations and my cynicism has been thoroughly justified.  This weekend I have been far too busy to waste my time with the coming bullshit political rumble.  No, my children, who have spent the past month away from home (both to our joy and our subsequent consternation) have returned to us.  We are excited!  We even made plans to hide out in an air conditioned movie theater during this oppressive heat wave and watch The Lion King as a family.


But I was, and continue, to talk about politics because that is what it comes down to in the nearby future, right?  I much prefer to focus on my family, and our late summer trip to Niagea Falls, and increasingly farther north into Canada (we are all huge fans of Canada), and yet you can rarely find me focusing so exclusively on myself in the light of the worldwide horrors that seem to propel our every day.


The recent “draft” for the Democratic primaries was a painful thing to watch.  Poor Brianna Keiler had to repeatedly explain what was about to happen before shuffling and declaring the no chance candidates’ placement for the coming debates that they will be ignored within.  Victor Blackwell firmly shuffled the plastic cards like a true Las Vegas dealer, splattering out the also-rans who might fuck with the top tier; then the fundamentally gorgeous Anna Cabrera, a very capable anchor, divided the true hope’s of the Democrats and the nervous identities of the Trump cultists, declaring who might be yelling at each other come the end of July.


It was less of a joke than I presumed, and even more meaningless than I’d propounded.  Hopefully more than half of these assholes disappear after the next debate.  I hope that my next discussion of these people is far more limited and therefore much more serious.  In the meantime, and as a no value sidebar (other than to mutual baseball fans), whaddya say to Cody Bellinger winning NL MVP even if he leads the league in nothing?  There.  That’s my current political beliefs–

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