Life Intervenes


A brief word: Today we have some rather extensive home remodeling being undertaken.  This will last for the next week or so.  I do not like composing these pieces on my phone and I do not actually have a laptop.  I am old fashioned with most of my writing, or at least to the extent that I use a desk top computer (I used a Brother Word processor long after it have relevance, like a modern age old man tapping away on his Remington typewriter.)  My fingers are far too stubby to make a go of a long piece on my phone, the number of typos too much for me to keep up with.  Regardless of the textual, grammatical or typographical errors these narratives are sometimes peppered with, I try hard to correct them in the limited time I have.


Anyway, I will be pretty quiet over the next few days, perhaps a reprint, maybe an in the moment commentary, but nothing too substantial (unless reality calls for it).  If nothing else this should give me time to finally complete my research for the last part of Elsewhere 4 on Scandinavia.  Thank you for your patience and please check out some earlier commentaries.



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