I’m Not A Racist, But . . .


I know you’ve heard people say this, “I’m not a racist, but.”  What comes into your head when you hear this?  Do you even listen to the explanation or justification or whatever?  Sure, you can understand some old white lady hating black people because some asshole dragged her out of her car.  You get why a black woman loathes the white race because an arrogant, crooked cop shot her son because the phone he tried to record the exchange with was mistaken for a gun.


Native Ameticans have every reason to hate the white Europeans: the Britsh, the French, and the Spanish.  They devoured their culture.  They put them to work, enslaved them.  Jews are suspicious of everyone, regardless of the color of their skins, and history surely backs this up.  The same goes for Muslims, for Christians and Hindus and whichever other lesser cult an individual aligns themselves with.  It seems like everyone is out to get, or at least oppress, anyone different who comes within their view.


Let’s try a counterpoint to the historical horrors from the 1950s when President Eisenhower ordered the national guard to protect and make sure that James Meredith was allowed to attend school in the south; that other children could intergrate, and that everyone had the right to get a milkshake at the counter of a five and dime.  Think about, today, the three white kids in a big city school, two boys and a girl, and the hovering prejudice these children are also forced to suffer.


I was a teacher in a 99% African-American high school.  Those three kids desperately tried to fit in.  One of them was smart and charming.  No one had trouble getting along with him.  The girl was always nervous.  She had piercings everywhere and a grid of tattoos all over her body. Looking at her I could tell that she cut herself.  She would fuck anyone just to prove she was not a racist.  She was a sad girl, lonely.  She suffered the low opinion endured by every well known high school slut.


The other guy was always angry.  He had no friends.  He came from the suburbs, a child of an angry divorce.  City living was a brutal culture shock.  He hated the school, hated me.  This poor little boy hated everyone because his father preferred another wo.an and his other child to him.  He decided to blame the genuine assholes who laughed at and bullied him.  He spent a month in the hospital after a failed suicide attempt.  One of the bullies laughed at him upon his return and told him that he couldn’t even kill himself right.  The boy responded with the ‘N’ word.  Apparently this was deemed worse than what the other boy had said.  The suicidal child got suspended.


I am not an advocate of racial superiority.  To me we are all equally worthless.  I just wanted to comment as the duel-sided (or even tertiary) racist rants that dominate the news underwealm our culture and force people to take the wrong sides, when simple human equality (and an acknowledgment of who to really blame) should otherwise be simple to achieve.

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