Bad Timing: An Injury


Hi.  This is unfortunate for me as my readership over this past week is higher than I have ever achieved (at least on this wordpress site).  And then, two days ago, I suffered a somewhat serious injury that will consume clear thinking for the next several days (pain killers and all).  I managed to break my left foot right across I guess the knuckle line in front of the toes.  It hurts.  A lot.  And my inability to walk is further frustrating, perhaps the biggest distraction to something social or historical or political, or merely just satirical.  So I am taking a few days.  My older pieces here are lately getting quite a number of hits.  Thank you.  There are many more I hope might interest you.  I should return with something new this weekend.  In the meantime: fight animal abuse, focus on climate change and rally to pass some serious new laws on gun regulation.

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