Toronto: A Big East Coast City, But Clean


Toronto is gorgeous.  (Wi-fi, however, is awful.  My picture of the city refused to upload.) I am fundamentally a city boy, far more comfortable in the looming crowds than the blank emptiness of small towns. We only spent a day here and I said to my wife even before we got to where we were staying, “Hey! Let’s move here!

The city is immaculate. There is almost no trash blowing around the streets (and that only the result of missing the trash can–which also, the trash cans, are free of caked on filth and grime.) Cars stop for pedestrians with a friendly wave. The pople mostly smile at you too (although fellow Americans remain pushy, and the numerous visitors from throughout Asia come across so touristy that they lose awareness of anything outside the shimmer of their cameras).My son and I took in a Blue Jays game at the beautiful Rogers Field:

Our seats were tremendous:
Even the public restrooms were clean.  In a stadium.  With 25,000 people present.  We were rooting for the Jays, who would up being 2-hit by a Mariners pitcher I have never heard of, losing 7-0. And yet it was a worthwhile experience. My son claims that he wants to eventually visit every home stadium of every team in major league baseball. Presently we are at merely six, all east coast save last year in Seattle.Food was good in Toronto, although our single day limited exploration. Now, presently, we are en route to Montreal, still about 4 hours away.

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