Political Fundraising in the Age of Social Media


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When I began thinking that I wanted to pursue writing as a career, like so many others I began with reviews of other people’s work.  Movies, books, songs and albums, along with any other effort submitted for public consideration.  I believe I was pretty good at this, working as both Entertainment and Editorial Editor for college newspapers.  I had a mild following, mostly because I sought out things I did not like in order to write the most scathing commentary I possibly could.  You are probably aware that a negative review is far more entertaining than one dazzled by praise.  And while the positive will likely inspire you to want to check whatever it is being talked about, the negative is far more memorable, mostly because of the cruel thoughts going into the composition.  With this in mind, I wish to discuss both the Democrats’ and Republicans’ grotesque efforts to scare us into giving our money to their insincere campaigns and jaded hopes for the future.


I have stated before that I am a “political junkie.”  What this means is that I cannot get enough of this nonsense, all the petty, nasty bullshit that waters down both public debate and the notion of reality.  After all, every campaign assurance is in one way or another a lie.  It is all broken promises, manipulative trash meant to convince us that whomever it is is the lone path to a better future.


Every day I get numerous e-mails begging me for money.  This is partially my own doing as my addiction inspires me to subscribe to party and candidate and even biased media outlets trying to convince me that whatever paranoid delusion they are promoting is what I should believe.  Here, here are a few examples:

I have good news and I have bad news.

Here’s the good news: We’ve amassed a huge list of donors to help reach our FEC deadline.

Here’s the bad news: We’re still 418 Trump supporters away from reaching our goal.

But, if you get your name on our donor list right away, we’ll make sure your contribution is 5X-matched to support President Trump and House Conservatives.

EOM Clock
Recent Donors List



I’m personally reaching out to you, Fellow Conservative, because I know we can count on your support. 2020 will be a critical election, and we are going to need every Conservative to step up.

Hurry — Pitch in anything you can before midnight and help us win in 2020!

Thank you,
Newt Gingrich

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Do you approve of Donald Trump?
You’ve been selected to complete a time-sensitive digital poll.

President Trump has pushed a corrupt and ultraconservative agenda – but he and the GOP are gaining momentum heading into 2020.

We need to keep making clear that Democrats will NOT stand for this, so we are polling grassroots supporters to determine where Trump stands with voters.

We are only 3 responses short 
in —– of being able to analyze this round of data. We pulled our records, and here’s what we found:
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Now I wonder if you can see the difference between the money that each party is asking us for:

Fellow Patriot,

I’ll be blunt.

We’re STILL way behind in the race against the Left to raise victory funds for 2020:

  •  Leftist organizations have already raised nearly half a BILLION!
  •  A new Leftist Super PAC has been formed to raise tens of millions!
  •  Another organization has earmarked at least a hundred million more!
  •  The House campaign to keep Democrat control has pledged millions!

And Soros’s groups are setting aside still millions more!

…and it’s not even Labor Day yet.

The shear weight of cash the Left is dumping into this election cycle to defeat President Trump and every conservative is breaking records. That’s how badly they want to install socialism.

So I’m sending you this urgent appeal because our republic is literally on a life support.

On the cusp of Labor Day and the official beginning of the presidential election season, we ABSOLUTELY MUST put up big numbers. So I’ve opened up a short window for 5X IMPACT on all donations, but only until midnight.

Make a 5X IMPACT gift of $500>>>

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Faced with the Leftist juggernaut that we are, our goal is for at least 10,000 patriots like you to pitch in for 5X IMPACT.

It’s a very big ask, yes – but if we don’t commit every resource we have to this fight, socialism will win and President Trump’s agenda is DOA.

It’s that serious.

Are you in?


Steve Eichler,
CEO, Tea Party Super PAC



From the founding of the Tea Party in 1773 a growing movement of conservative Americans echo the call for smaller government and lower taxes. This is our banner and our calling as well.

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The contrast in this race is staggering when you think about it, Lance —

Donald Trump wants to…

— Nuke hurricanes
— Give teachers guns
— Cut taxes for the very wealthy
— Profit off the presidency

–(pick a Democrat) wants to…

— Combat climate change
— Give teachers a raise
— Cut taxes for working families
— Fight for the people

We need your help to win this thing — can you add a contribution before Saturday’s fundraising deadline? If yes, click one of these buttons:

If you’ve saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:

We’re proud to be standing with the only candidate in this race who is ready to prosecute the case against four more years of Donald Trump. He is a failure of a president and a national embarrassment. We deserve better, and come November 2020, we’ll get the job done — for the people.

Thanks for reading.

Regardless of where your political allegiances may lay, I think you can see what I’m talking about.


The crazy far right and far left wing media sites are even worse, promoting terrifying conspiracy theories and threatening the literal end of the world should you vote the wrong way:

Dear Reader,

We are witnessing a raging Socialist movement in America today. Just for starters…I’m sure I don’t have to tell you…

  • Three U.S. Senators have proposed a new plan to guarantee every American a government job.
  • America’s new political star, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is pushing for free medical care, free college, and 70% tax rates.

And a recent Gallup poll says more Democrats now have a “positive view” of Socialism (57%) than Capitalism (47%).

But what no one’s really talking about in the mainstream press is WHY this is happening… and WHERE it’s all headed.

Well, one wealthy businessman says there’s a secret reason behind this trend… and it’s all leading to a political event unlike anything we’ve seen in our country in more than 50 years.

If you care about your health… your wealth… your family… and your future… it’s critical for you to understand what’s really happening and what is most likely coming next.

I guarantee you, this written analysis, by my friend and business partner, Porter Stansberry, will help you see these events in a different light.

I strongly encourage you to check out his short written analysis here…


Mike Palmer
Founding Partner, Stansberry Research

P.S. Porter says what is about to happen will “reset” the financial system in a way most of us can’t even imagine. If he’s even half right… it’s going to have a huge impact on you and your money. See Porter’s write-up here…

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John Solomon, an award-winning investigative journalist who uncovered FBI intelligence failures before 9/11, has revealed a list of 10 secret documents about the Russia-collusion scandal that have the potential of “rocking” Washington’s deep state.

They could show, he reported in the Hill, “how a routine counterintelligence probe was hijacked to turn the most awesome spy powers in America against a presidential nominee in what was essentially a political dirty trick orchestrated by Democrats.”

He said there has been discussion about making some of the documents public.

“But the long wait for transparency may soon end,” he said. “The foot-dragging inside the intelligence community (IC) that occurred under now-departed DNI Dan Coats and his deputy, Sue Gordon, could halt abruptly. That’s particularly true if Trump appoints a new IC sheriff, such as former House Intelligence Committee Chairman Pete Hoekstra (R-Mich.), the current ambassador to the Netherlands, or longtime national security expert Fred Fleitz.”

His own research suggests there are about a dozen documents altogether that could severely impact the deep state.

He listed the top 10.

First would be Christopher Steele’s “confidential human source reports.” He said they show what happened each time Steele and his FBI handlers met to talk about that infamous anti-Trump “dossier.”

“It would be a huge discovery if the FBI fed Trump-Russia intel to Steele in the midst of an election, especially when his ultimate opposition-research client was Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee,” Solomon explained.

Second would be the 53 House Intelligence Committee interviews with many key players in the probe, providing the “first evidence that a lawyer tied to the Democratic National Committee had Russia-related contacts at the CIA.”

Third would be the Stefan Halper documents.

“These documents would show what intelligence agencies worked with Halper, who directed his activity, how much he was paid and how long his contacts with Trump officials were directed by the U.S. government’s Russia probe,” Solomon explained.

Another would be the FBI email chain from October 2016, which could reveal what the FBI and DOJ thought about using Steele’s dossier for a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant targeting the Trump campaign – and whether those concerns were shared with FISA judges.

If not, “There could be major repercussions,” he said.

Fifth, according to Solomon, would be exculpatory statements regarding Trump campaign volunteers Carter Page and George Papadopoulos.

“These documents purport to show what the two Trump aides were recorded telling undercover assets or captured in intercepts insisting on their innocence. Papadopoulos told me he told an FBI undercover source in September 2016 that the Trump campaign was not trying to obtain hacked Clinton documents from Russia and considered doing so to be treason. If he made that statement with the FBI monitoring, and it was not disclosed to the FISA court, it could be another case of FBI or DOJ misconduct,” Solomon wrote.



The problem with a clearly partisan article such as this (and it goes on and on afterwards, but you need to get a paid membership to the site, something I refuse to do) is that it merely shifts the allegations against the Trump campaign around and turns it on Clinton.  And sure, sure–a predictable tactic of scumbag politicians is to commit crimes and then hand off the blame to another, but such actions are usually committed against those just outside of the inner circle.  The Trump campaign and, in particular, the conspiratorial writers who so desperately support him and provide paranoid theories for the President to promote, have paper-thin “facts” to reimagine as some dire plot. “First would be Christopher Steele’s ‘confidential human source reports.'”  A bland statement, taking no side.  It means that Steele spoke to people.  And yet, this becomes the height of a conspiracy, whether “Deep State” or, on the converse, “A Vast Right Wing” one.


While the unhinged conspiracy theory known as “QAnon,” or “The Storm,” has been gaining traction online among President Donald Trump’s supporters since October 2017, it was Tuesday night when it finally jumped to the mainstream in the form of shirts and signs that were prominently visible at a Trump campaign rally in Tampa, FL. Supporters of QAnon believe “a high-level government insider with Q clearance” is anonymously posting clues informing the public of Trump’s master plan to undermine the “deep state” and dismantle pedophilia rings supposedly linked to powerful celebrities and politicians.

While the theory has its murky origins on 4chan and 8chan — message boards best known for serving as the source of hoaxes and organized harassment campaigns — many prominent right-wing figures, websites, and social media accounts have helped amplify QAnon. And the consequences of its unfettered growth could be dangerous. A man is facing terrorism charges in Arizona for using an armored vehicle to stop traffic on a bridge near the Hoover Dam with demands and letters clearly inspired by QAanon. Similarly, “Pizzagate,” a pedophilia-focused conspiracy theory fueled by Trump supporters during the 2016 presidential election, inspired a man to open fire inside a Washington, D.C., pizzeria.

Below is a growing list of right-wing media figures, politicians, websites, and social media accounts that have carelessly amplified QAnon by either evangelizing its tenets to their followers or neutrally presenting the conspiracy theory through their influential platforms without clarifying to their audiences that the whole thing is a baseless canard.

Amplifiers include:

Right-wing media figures

Alex Jones, founder of conspiracy theory site Infowars

Jones went all in on QAnon, even claiming “the White House directly asked” Infowars correspondent Jerome Corsi to be on the “8chan beat” covering QAnon. After QAnon followers began criticizing Corsi and Jones’ opportunistic hijacking of the conspiracy theory, Jones attempted to backpedal his initial enthusiasm, justifying his distancing by claiming that the identity of the anonymous poster who goes by Q had been “compromised.”

This is a mere sample of an endlessly long, arrogant, condescending judgment article.  Sure, it makes a valid mockery of the conspiracy in question, and yet it turns it sideways and declares a separate reality, piling conspiracy upon conspiracy, invalidating everything.  The left quotes crazy people who ultimately represent nothing (which, tragically, often include the President himself).  But they take a turgid, academic approach which undermines their convictions, trying harder to prove how smart they are to see through the transparency of the nonsense being promoting.  They are conspiracy theorists too, after all.  How many on the left are more frightened after reading these claims about other people’s beliefs?


The right is far better at this than the left, having a much better handle on manipulating people through social media.  The so-called “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy” of the Clinton years (really just some partisan attacks to win elections, as most of these hollow plots ultimately are) has been countered with a “Vast Left Wing Conspiracy:”

“White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, responding to the latest allegation of inappropriate sexual behavior against Brett Kavanaugh, suggested Monday that “it’s starting to feel like a vast left-wing conspiracy” against the embattled Supreme Court nominee.

“He’s now calling this a smear campaign,” she said on “CBS This Morning.” “Indeed, it’s starting to feel like a vast left-wing conspiracy.”


This is a clever usage of the same phrase that became a part of the national dialogue–a title, a cliche that is familiar, riling up people who never bought into it in the first place.  “It isn’t they right,” they say, “It’s the dirty left!”  And it is so easy to believe this when you have been left numb by the violence of such publicly dirty politics for most if not all of our lives, wherever you are in the world.  Another response might be, “They all do it.  What difference does it make?” which is a bald acceptance that nothing is real, nothing is worthwhile, and there really is no reason to go on believing in such antiquated notions as loyalty and patriotism.


The fact remains that the senseless blather–the outright fear tactics and lies have helped to inspire our divisive rage, our blind hatred of one another less on the superficial basis that once upon a time dominated our prejudices, and into a usually false understanding of what another person believes.


And yet it continues, the same broken promises and high-faulting attacks within the heart of the political parties that used to actually stand for something.  Check them out:




Is it really such a wonder why so many people have renounced all alligiance to a party?  Is it such a surprise that a two party system, warned about by many of the founding fathers

Image result for george washington on two party system

Image result for john adams on two party system

has become such tribal warfare?  People dismiss third parties because “they can’t win.”  If all of the angry people who say this were to actually vote for someone else, in this dissatisfied age, who do you honestly believe would win?

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