(I Don’t Want To) Preview(—) the Democratic Presidential Debates (Part Seven)




I know that many of you right now have this sound bouncing around your heads.  “Ugh!  Not another one of these fucking debates!”  We get overwhelmed–all that noise noise noise!  The horrible thing is that it starts to cause us to stop caring at all.


Most of us already know who we’re voting for (or at least who we want to win.  Being a member of no political party I am exempt from voting in a primary).  There isn’t much new that any of the candidates have to offer.  All they can really do is comment on current events like an editorialist, trying to impose their views on public consciousness.


I never want to do this, the imposition.  So yes, I will watch the horror show tomorrow night and come Friday make some comments, but for today I’d like to talk about something else.  Please click ahead for an entirely different discussion . . .

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