Preview of A Long Time Coming


Hi.  Very briefly I am presently working on two pieces that have taken an extra long time, one of which is for here, on Recording Editorial History.  It is a political commentary, probing  more specifically into the sociology of partisanship.  Recent events have brought this subject back to the forefront.  It should be finished early next week.


The other project I have on and off, and with wholly different visions, been working on for 30 years.  I had never devised a proper ending for something that became increasingly complicated and, finally, a universe all it’s own.  Now, with the idea of a pure ending, I go back over from the beginning a narrowing down–sculpting–in order to set the final idea in its proper tone and context.  The book is still perhaps a year away, but it is, to my mind, my masterpiece.


Talk soon . .

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