A Commercial Break: What We Believe (Part Three-A)


Coming up in the forecast we have the following radical weather patterns, simultaneously:

It’s like a bomb dropped.  The confused citizens all scurry and wonder what to do with all that ash that they’re sweeping up?  Look at those broken trees, crushed by the snow.  Those trees still standing look dead already, perhaps destined for a thousand year future as an artifact with whatever species arises from the disaster we have brought upon ourselves.

Those future archaeologists will crack into the crust of the earth, witnessing the glazed over remnants of our shattered past.  They will develop historical theories, as we do today, confronted with a mystery from the past.  They develop ideas: “Five hundred years after the fall there must have been some devastating sort of apocalypse.  Or was it a meteorite, the traditional extinction event progenitor.  Maybe an endless, godforsaken war (we don’t know, yet, exactly what the war was all about.)  Were they evolved out,  rendered extinct by what came to be us, the thousand year future?

Perhaps fall victim to some crazy pandemic!  An apparent example of the earth getting its sweet revenge, punishing us for being so careless and stupid.  Did we all just drink and fart ourselves to death, sitting around soft and getting fatter, eating all the food we know isn’t good for us?  We sit around miserably, shuffling and scratching our pustulocystic bodies, watching the end of the world on TV.

this photo, by one of the best live tornado news sites, has the ominous title: “First Tornado of the Day is in Oklahoma.”  My broadcast is live at just past midnight, January 18, 2020, until however long it takes to shoot this piece.  All three photos, thus far, happened, or are continuing to happen since the second day of this month.  Here are a few more as the five hundred word clock is winding down and we will return once more to our regularly scheduled program, What We Believe (Part Three), coming to this site before soon.

And yet still eternal out in the California desert–a place which has been the zone of some of the worst things to happen on land and earth–scattered corpses hacked to pieces and bitten and torn by vultures, and rodents of a size that no one outside the dry land has ever seen before.

And here we find this quiet scene, a soothing lull for a moment, until you open up your eyes and fall witness to the horror:

And so we smooth our ways back into the ongoing political piece, play-by-play until Election Day:


  • What We Believe will contain analysis of the growing trends and moral direction our nation is taking as we bound into the end run of yet another election we will  call “the most consequential of our lives” (until 2024, new chaos)–and maybe it is!  I would certainly consider it a contender, a social struggle rarely seen.  Well, anyway, it is almost five hundred words and it should be time to resume our broadcast–

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