Update to Prove I Have Not Yet Died

One of my occasional readers recently sent me a sorrowful e-mail to me wondering if I was dead.  I have no idea how this would have been answered if this was the case.


Nevertheless I wish to offer a few brief words about the delay: over my time off from here I have finished editing my friend’s book, edited the fifth draft of the first three chapters of my long simmering novel, have spent weeks dividing 70+ hours of non-chronological interviews for the biography I have been working on for now over a year (73 pages of circular narrative with portions of the first 24 years of the subject’s life, awaiting more interviews with new people to help fill in the gaps), AND I have been working diligently on Part Four of What We Believe, covering just after the Iowa caucus nightmare and through Super-Tuesday next week.  The piece should be published towards the end of next week.


Thank you for your concern, oh singular worried one.  As for the rest of you I look forward to the mostly 20 or so seconds of skimming I have learned to expect from readers of blogs (often myself included, beyond my dedicated interest in two of the several I diligently follow).


I hope none of you are dead, either.

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