the world seemed much quieter, today


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The world seemed much quieter today.

The shops were ravaged, 

but not by the shoppers.

Oh, the places are messes

Only today it was less avaricious panic.

than life through the clouded, exhausted eyes

of the slag-mouthed workers, blinking themselves awake,

and the customers, far too frightened to go wild.

We, too, are exhausted, spying the hilarity

of empty shelves,

bread lines,

and registers that only take cash.

The liquor stores are all closing.

The Guv’ment don’t want us drinking ourselves into a mob.

I suppose we might understand–

There are lines around the corner outside gun shops.

Tools, sharp objects; 

People are buying up all the instruments necessary

to rebuild society.

After the fall.

And yet it was quiet,


Quiet, misery exhausted.


Until Sunday, church day,

a day before our first week

officially trapped inside our homes.


God’s Day.

Sounds like the perfect day for a riot.

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