Recovery Calisthenics


Hi there.  So I have been absent from Recording Editorial History for a brief stint, a few days short of a week.  Now don’t take this wrong, but I was in the hospital.  Wait–wait!  No, it wasn’t the plague.  We always jump to such drastic conclusions.


I had one of those embarrassing problems–an ass problem being perfectly blunt.  It was painful and humiliating.  I was uncomfortable all the time over the first two days.  But I got better and now I’m back home and can shit again.


I call this piece “Recovery Calisthenics” because it’s really just exercise, push-ups and crunches and the like.  It won’t be long.   All it is is stretching.


Anyway, a “Dispatches From the Fly-on-the-Wall” will be picked up as a study of yet another curious group of people droning on and on, mercilessly biased, full-on rage opposing conspiracy theories, spitted out in an empty frustration chat room.  Most of them hardly bother to read what other people wrote.  They just answer.  “I bet you fucking liberals are sorry you don’t got guns now!” the sound of mocking privilege,  the selfish sort of person who laughs when other people are suffering.   Or what about, “All you Trump supporters are sub-human.  Aren’t you happy you have Trump now that coronavirus is killing you!  You get what you vote for!  I hope all of you die.”  This, too, has that same mocking privilege, the smug righteousness that laughs in the face of the sick, hoping that things keep getting worse to prove their point.


And so I end this work-out feeling even better.  I blahhed something out.  I actually kinda like it.


(Is there anything left on my work checklist?  I reminded myself of active projects and what I’m doing here, warming up and getting ready to work.  I paraphrased two actual statements made online, although the context is usually different.  You’ll see, you’ll see.  Now it’s time to stop talking to myself–)


Until a different afternoon.


(completed at 1:06 AM, 3/30/2020)

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