A Pathetic Request From Those Who Remain


Hi there.  Lance Polin, constant author of Recording Editorial History.  Those of you still reading and following me are frankly among the most important people in my life.  I have a handful, yet, of personal friends, and I wish to tell you, regardless of how well you likely already know this, that the older you get the more these once important people disappear from your life.  But this is not want I want to talk about here, in this brief missive, that relates quite significantly to several circumstances presently arising in my personal life.


So, I am not wealthy.  I can survive, my wife and I combine to do well enough to keep our house and raise our children, but we are certainly not ‘rich.’  We are a loving family who are often angry with one another, but we all stay together because we have too much in common and depend on each other’s support in the face of lost and lonely desolation.


So, to the point.  Recently I stopped paying for the advertising on this site that got my pieces into the hands of thousands and thousands of people.  Now I still have a pretty decent international audience (the past few days have made me feel pretty good about myself, so thank you.)  But my audience, most of which was clearly empty clicks and avoidance from India and other Asian nations ( I love you, by the way, Myranmar, staying with me), is gone because I cancelled five hundred plus dollars annually over the past few days.  You guys, my core audience, have allowed me to express what I believe are important ideas and make a slight profit to boot.  I plan to continue discussing the sociological actions that have made up of the world both in the past and as it exists today (or yesterday at least, my timing on current events usually being a day or two behind).


So, for the first time in the history of this site I wish to ask you, please, could you share these pieces with someone you suspect might either be interested or offended by what I have to offer?  My life right now is consumed by three outside projects: a novel that has been in the works for a very long time, a history book that is pure passion project and a hopefully future Pulitzer Prize winner, and my primary focus–and I have been given, finally, permission to announce this, a serious, heartbreaking and hopeful biography of the fascinating Hart D. Fisher, the founder and magnate of the great Roku streaming horror channel Ametican Horrors.  Now Hart and I are friends, have known one another for more than 25 years, sure (how else could a viciously negative person like me be given permission to tell the story of the densely terrifying life of a person?), but the fact remains that I am forever, perhaps terminally, honest.  This book is going to be groundbreaking–and this is not mere arrogance talking.  This is the story of a significant Ametican’s life–not myself–and it is both an inspirational tale and a dark warning on the price of ambition and fame.  His life story is miraculous and I am honored to tell it, regardless of the fact that much of it will make the subject uncomfortable (I have never been able to kiss anyone’s ass, regardless of the opportunities they have offered.  Perhaps this is why I am not rich.)


Here is a quick advertisement: on October 26 through October 27 in beautiful Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, the 3rd Annual American Horrors film festival will be taking place.  Now I, I, an opportunist, will be writing a sociological analysis of the festival for an online magazine (more on this later), but none of this is about me.  The film festival screens terrifying (and sometimes hilarious) new feature horror films, a long line of usually marvelous short horror films (the best of the bunch), uncensored music videos from  truly frightening hard rock and heavy metal bands (certainly whom some of you have heard of), staggering documentaries about the worst things in the world, and a genuinely celebratory atmosphere of international horror fanatics invading a small, mostly conservative midwestern town to obsess, briefly, in the pre-Halloween lusciousness, with a passion that will make certain parts of the community uncomfortable.  Actual (although benign) Satanists will be invading the town, loudmouths and provocateurs, challenging the nervous half or faux Christianity the town celebrates in a battle of intellectual consideration.  The whole event is awesome and, should you have the chance, there is hardly a better offer of a good time as Halloween approaches.


Here, a few more ads:





So, again, please, loyal readers and followers: I need your help.  Please share, copy the link, spread recordingeditorialhistory.com on every social media platform available.  I hope that some of you still remain as I have abandoned the hackers and indifferent people mistakenly clicking on my ad.  Now it is all about you.  I want to get more personal.  I plan on telling you many stories.  Just allow this pathetic plea to have its impact and then we can move on to things that actually matter.


Thank you, those who remain.



The Politics of “They Did It, So Why Can’t I?”


Have you been paying attention to how opposing politicians attempt to undermine their opposition?  I know that it’s hard, the same senseless bullshit dribbling out of their mouths, on every side, coming from every angle.  None of us any longer truly agree with anything anyone says and this is what is really the problem.  But no one gives us a reason to believe and I suppose this is more than just our own fault.


Listen to the way these people argue their points.  I will give you some partisan examples:

Image result for whataboutism

Image result for whataboutism

Related image

Another thing to remember

Image result for whataboutism

We see this tactic all the time, on every side, defending the wrong doing of a favored side on a finally meaningless debate by trashing the opposition instead of supporting whomever it is that you stand for.


The idea of corruption itself has become a wildly accepted yet still questionable allegation.  If everyone is corrupt, how can we any longer condemn such practices?  Listen–I am somewhat to the left, although far from party affiliated.  I like to believe myself a true independent, but even this has become a political party

Image result for independent party

I mean, if you are ‘independent,’ sure, you can condemn the stances of organized political cults, but how can you abide a symbol meant to define who you are?  Look, here:

Image result for independent party

Image result for independent party

Image result for independent party

Look at that last one, slightly more than a third of US citizens declaring themselves somehow independent of the corporations that run the government.  And yet, and yet, this apparent majority of people consider the very idea of independence a lost cause and we quiver and bark out whichever one-sided ideologies we have, and disenchant our support for whichever side it is that slightly represents our personal views.  We declare the idea of independence a lost cause–“they could never win!” we sourly lament, sneering at the side that might be 54% against our interests.


Look, it is easy to vilify politicians of every stripe, representing every social purpose, condemning both left and right and every little issue in between.  Politicians are corrupt by nature, if not when they first decide to run, then once they get a taste of power and decide that the world is theirs for the taking.  Depending on whatever ideology you personally might follow we can condemn anyone and everything as corrupt just so long as the smug self-righteousness of our opposition seek to undermine our values based on what can only be acknowledged as selfishness, greed, and arrogance.  This is not a reference to either left wing or right, but a condemnation of all party affiliations, seeking to impose whatever shrieking cry of disgust the people who vote for you demand to correct a world all of us see as going wrong.  My personal views are meaningless (for an idea of what these might be, please check out some earlier discussions), and so are yours.  No one really cares what you think.  The people whom you vote for don’t care what you really believe.  No one cares.  Your family disagrees with you.  We all ‘double down,’ scream our personal truths without actually understanding how these ideas apply to anyone other than ourselves.  Sure, we might attempt to impose such views on our families and I wonder how many Thanksgivings have been destroyed by this singular attempt to impose our will.  I suspect that all of you know exactly what I am talking about, regardless of your views.


When I called this piece “The Politics of ‘They Did It, So Why Can’t I?’ I was hoping that you might see through the proclamations of your ideological heroes.  No longer does it matter if some politico broke the law, but only if an opposition figure got away with it.  Remember when Obama was in office and the right-wing allegations of his criminal activities were rampant?  Remember how they talked about George W. Bush and the way that laws were changed and the freedom the new administration was granted because their rivals had created new allowances?  Now think about Trump, with the same dismissive waves–“remember when Obama broke the law?  If he did, why can’t we?”  And this is the final argument among the petty, bickering partisans we continue to allow to run our government.  It is like a childhood argument with your parents–“Why does he get to do it if I can’t?”  It is more than just crooked and it is far less than corruption.  All everything is from every side from every partisan agenda is a greedy temper tantrum demanding that we get to be just as wrong as those we cannot stand.


We are trapped in this world of so-called ‘fake news,’ where even the truth can be dismissed because our partisan perspectives refuse to allow such negatives (or positives) to be considered.  And so ‘fake news’ isn’t even a lie any longer, but merely a propaganda tactic of whichever side is not trying to prove their point, but is more interested in demeaning the other side.  We live in a world of lies where even the truth is considered suspect.  We cannot claw our way out of this either, our opinions having been raised beyond the radical stupidity people like all of us used to dismiss.  Our opinions are now the new facts and all we think about, instead of our truth, is just how wrong anyone disagreeing must be, and why, and for what, and who do they represent, and how has this conspiracy against our singular idea of truth caught on with such a partisan huff?


All of our opinions are wrong, at least to a certain extent.  We cull whatever bleak facts we have at hand and transform them into a truth that cannot abide anything outside of ourselves.  And so we are wrong, all of us wrong, demeaning and declaring Donald Trump some kind of prophet.  No, he is nothing more than a symbol, a representation of who we really are in a cynical age where nothing outside of our limited view really matters.  And remember, before you attack or defend anyone or anything, just remember these long ago words of wisdom:

Image result for joseph de maistre get the government we deserve

Consider this, thinking about just how dissatisfied you are with the nation in which you live the next time your dwindling election day comes, and you wonder what is the point, what is the point, why should I even bother?  It’s because you deserve it, all of us deserve it, and our individual disgust with whomever or whatever is controlling some fragmented part of a dwindling democratic government is merely a representation of who it is that we have become.


A Few Days Off


I find myself currently overwhelmed with several professional and personal obligations.  There will be nothing new until 10/10/19.  Please, go back and check out the Elsewhere pieces, my personal favorite series on this site.  Thanks.


A Long Time Coming (Part Two): Is Donald Trump Really as Stupid as We Think?


Image result for trump looking stupid

The answer, to start with, is no.  No, I don’t think Trump is stupid.  This does not mean that he isn’t a fool.  This should have long since gone without saying, and yet the deliberative controversy over the man’s qualifications for leadership for some reason are still open to debate.  Why?  I just wonder, hearing the cries and catcalls of Trump supporters proclaiming him the greatest, and Trump himself declaring that “No President in American history as done as much as me in two years,” could you explain this?  What has Trump actually done as President beyond disrupted society?  I still await hearing a single beneficial accomplishment.  Why does anyone actually support him?  The fact that people do, whether sincerely or manipulated, doesn’t this return to the initial question?  Doesn’t it prove some darkly cunning sort of intellect?


Donald Trump is not a conservative, no matter how much many of his followers like to claim.  They themselves aren’t conservative either, at least not in the traditional sense, but descending into such semantic games does no one any good, and so I will try to explain this statement.


“Conservatism” is about saving things, about protecting them in a literal and not ideological sense.  It has less to do with imposed ideas on morality than with protecting the economy, the state, the nation, the world, the Constitution, and, yes, the environment.  When did this term get hijacked by by religious fundamentalists and purely greedy scum, thinking in terms of personal beliefs and gains and not for the benefit of all?  Traditional conservatism is not supposed to be about me me me, and whatever prideful justifications people employ to explain away their gains to the detriment of all others.  When the young climate activist Greta Thunburg (who I do not believe is being used as a prop by some sinister environmental consortium, but who is sincere and quite effective, regardless of who elevated her to a position of leadership)

condemns the members of the UN: “We are in the beginning of a mass extinction, and all you can talk about is the money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth.” it is very easy to dismiss these words as the ranting of a spoiled, angry child.  It is easy because that allows us to ignore what she is saying.  And even if the estimates Greta quotes, backed up by intensive scientific studies, are slightly off, it does not change the fact that the fundamental point behind these words is absolutely true.  “Money is all that matters,” climate deniers seem more interested in stating beyond quoting the handful of industry paid scientists who might support their dubious contrary claims.  Certainly President Trump believes this, otherwise the cancellation of regulations designed to protect our habitable environment would not be a controversial issue.  There would be no question that such regulations should be in place.  That would be the conservative thing to do.


But Trump’s “conservatism” is a different sort of monster altogether.  His vindictively destructive approach to the world is not just the delusion that nothing ever really changes and that people aren’t important enough to have true impact, but it is, as with everything else, all about him.  He blares bald egotism about his own powers of persuasion and control.  He still somehow believes himself to be the young man who bulldogged his way into his father’s real estate industry, that he is still the profound failure who convinced himself he was a genius, that he is a beloved figure that everyone elevates to the height of deity, and that anyone who believes otherwise is a traitor.  He sees his life in the very real light of rise and fall and rise again, his own life somehow representing how a nation should evolve.  And he somehow thinks that he is in control, not those natural outside forces that are stronger than any of us.


So no, of course Donald Trump isn’t stupid.  He is selfish.  He is a child–and these are not the “liberal talking points” it might feel better to easily write them off as.  In the past people have said these verbatim words to be–“liberal talking point!”–like they were reading from a script of prepared dismissive responses to something not worth considering.

Image result for trump looking stupid

Related image

Image result for trump looking stupid

Image result for trump looking stupid

Related image

Related image

Related image

This is a mere handful of images of faces the man has made–in public, in front of important crowds or TV cameras, saying and performing actions that most of us would punish our children for, and yet somehow he has convinced a large swath of people that this is just what the nation needs.


With the impeachment hearing looming and with the endless string of revelations bound to come out, the pattern emerging like the endless plot twists of an overdone melodrama, the one thing we have to acknowledge is, regardless of your interpretation–horror or comedy, tragedy or heroic tale–Donald Trump is certainly not boring.  He clearly understands entertainment, or at least how to constantly get your attention (while reveling in the cynical understanding that most of us merely want to be distracted from our personal struggles) .  He is the star of the most successful 24-hour TV show of all time, known and talked about by everyone.  We’ve all watched it, compelled at one time or another.  We have shouted at the TV, praise and ire no matter which side you find yourself straddling upon.  Even those of us who are so disgusted that we refuse to watch the show anymore are no different than a dedicated fan disappointed or offended by a cast change or the induced doldrums of the essential sameness of the story.  Sometimes we still buy the merchandise or go to the fan conventions, if only to shake our heads in disgust.  Certainly we post our criticisms online (almost constantly) for the whole world to see.  Some of the fans and critics even convince themselves that the star of the show might read their reviews, and maybe even respond.  This is the self-important world we live in.


Again I ask: what has Donald Trump actually accomplished, and not just as President?  I mean ever, in his whole life?  What?  And if your answer is “Well, he sure has made a lot of money,” then you have proven my point.


Yet Another Display of the Creepy Sameness of Republicans and Democrats in Their Fundraising Tactics


I have done this before, but would like to offer yet another example of how the two parties try to get your money.  I subscribe to numerous party-affiliated sites and networks, not because I give them my support or donations (never, never in my life have I given a penny to the parties), but to follow the ways in which the competing ideologies differ in their attempts to frighten you into paying for the uncertain versions of the future they are offering.  To begin, here are two recent e-mails:



Only 180 minutes left – let’s make them count
  • 3-Hour-Deadline@nrsc.org <TheDaily@TheDailyGrind.news>
    Sep 30 at 10:41 PM

    Fellow Conservative,

    We are sorry to bother you, we know you have gotten a ton of emails from us lately. But there is too much at stake for us to sit this one out.

    President Donald Trump emailed.

    Senator Mitch McConnell emailed.

    Senator Lindsey Graham emailed.

    Senator Todd Young emailed.

    Senator Rick Scott emailed.

    Senator Marsha Blackburn emailed.

    Newt Gingrich emailed.

    Karl Rove emailed.

    All of these important Republican leaders have taken time from their busy schedules to send messages to conservative supporters, like you, because tonight is our End of Quarter fundraising deadline. The success of our 2020 campaigns depends on us meeting ALL of our fundraising goals.

    Will you step up and make a contribution tonight?

    CHIP IN $25 >>>

    CHIP IN $50 >>>

    CHIP IN $100 >>>

    CHIP IN $250 >>>

    We only have 3 HOURS LEFT!


    This is a vital fundraising deadline of the 2020 election cycle. It is critical that we reach our End of Quarter fundraising goal in order for Republican candidates to combat attacks from the left. Will you pitch in just $15 or more to help us meet our goal before the MIDNIGHT deadline?

    Democrat leaders, like Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren want to DESTROY our Republican Majority and stop all of President Trump’s reforms.

    Liberal elites are prepared to spend whatever it takes and use every shady tactic to beat conservatives.

    We need your help to fight back before it’s too late!

    Thank you for your amazing support,


    If you agree that President Trump and Republicans are MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, text MAGA to 55404 to receive mobile alerts! Message and data rates may apply. Text “STOP” to opt-out. T&C/Privacy Policy: 55404-info.com

    Paid for by the NRSC.
    Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

    Contributions to the NRSC are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

    The Daily Grind News
    6890 E. Sunrise Dr. Suite 120-137 Tucson, AZ. 85750

    To opt-out of email sponsored by the Daily Grind News, please, click here


Now look at the Democrats:


Heidi Heitkamp emailed.
Nancy Pelosi emailed — twice!

They both emailed because Monday’s End of Quarter Deadline is make-or-break for us.

FIRST: We told you Trump’s national Republicans raked in a record-setting $23.5 MILLION last month.

THEN: We told you Trump will use every single cent to ATTACK Nancy Pelosi and WRECK our Majority.

NOW: We don’t know what else to say other than we still need 23,452 grassroots Democrats to step up before the End of Quarter Deadline hits in 48 hours.

We need to stop Republicans’ massive wave of cash and momentum dead in its tracks.

Please, Lance — with just 48 hours to go, we really need you on our team.

Will you rush in $19?

Triple match your $19 >>
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Thank you,



Paid for by the DCCC | 430 South Capitol Street SE, Washington, DC 20003 | (202) 863-1500 | www.dccc.org | Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.


So what do you think?  We can talk all about the differences in values of each party, or even declare our support for one or the other based upon whatever mostly selfish reasons we describe as our personal morality, but when it comes to reality, when it comes down to the bottom line of what these competing corporations desire the most, I will allow these two same song messages to underline their true motives.  I just have a few questions: do both parties employ the same advertising consortium to promote their financial needs, or do they simply copy one another?  Did some think tank declare that this sort of fear tactic campaigning was most effective based upon an algorithm some nineteen year old genius in India devised, selling it to the international market in order to start his new multi-billion dollar on-line company?  And where does the money go?  These are not advertised as being for specific candidates, but to the party itself, raising money for Congressional and Senate races.  Sure, they likely funnel cash to whichever party candidate would most fulfill their corporate agenda (or in the case of Trump, to keep him off their backs, perhaps writing ‘For Cash’ on their checks to him).


No doubt I will continue republishing these slimy things as the campaigns get more urgent and panicked, and the threats of outright apocalypse from both sides increase.  So sit back, find some comfort wherever that may still be available, and enjoy the horror show.